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Guoke Micro launches domestic dual-core SSD: self-developed master control + Yangtze River 64-layer TLC flash memory 560MB/s speed

With the mass production of domestic 3D flash memory by YMTC, the spring of domestic SSD is here.

On May 15th, Changsha Guokewei announced that it had reached a long-term supply agreement with Yangtze Storage to purchase 64-layer 3D flash memory developed by Yangtze Storage in bulk. In addition, Guokewei also pre-released the 331C-Y hard disk at the cooperation ceremony site, using self-developed SSD master control and Yangtze River TCL flash memory, with a speed of up to 560MB/s.

This is not the first time that Guokewei has cooperated with Yangtze River Storage. Not long ago, Guokewei also announced that the new generation of SSD master GK2302 V200 series is fully compatible with Yangtze River Storage’s 128-layer QLC flash memory.

In fact, the two parties began to cooperate as early as 2015. At that time, the 3D flash memory of Wuhan Xinxin, the predecessor of Yangtze River Storage, had just started, and Guokewei began to cooperate with it.

At the beginning of this year, Yangtze River Storage held an annual meeting of market partners to present honorary awards to companies that played key values ​​in market layout and ecological cooperation in the early stage. Its China Science and Technology Microelectronics won the “Annual Market Potential Award”.

Guoke Micro launches domestic dual-core SSD: self-developed master control + Yangtze River 64-layer TLC flash memory 560MB/s speed

Guoke Micro not only supports domestic flash memory, but also launched a number of domestic SSD hard drives. This time, the 311C-Y series of SSD hard drives were pre-released at the cooperation meeting between the two parties, using the GK2302 main control chip and Yangtze River Storage 64 developed by itself. Layer TLC 3D flash memory realizes the dual localization of master control + flash memory.

According to the information of Guokewei, the read speed of the 311C-Y hard disk can reach 560MB/s, the write speed can reach 480MB/s, and the random read and write performance can reach 78K, 86K IOPS. This performance is already considered in the SSD with SATA 6Gbps interface. Top level.

Guoke Micro did not announce the data life or P/E times of the 311C-Y hard drive, but the hard drive adopts advanced management technology and supports domestic independent operating systems, which can realize active warning of hard drive life, online firmware push and upgrade.

Guokewei’s 311C-Y series of SSD hard drives are expected to be launched in June, and the price has not yet been announced, but domestic SSD prices should have certain advantages.

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