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Leaded by China Telecom, the world’s first “5G SA Deployment Guide” is released!

From June 30th to July 2nd, GSMA used the newly launched online platform GSMA Thrive to launch the world’s first online exhibition “GSMA Thrive? Discussions were held on topics such as the future Internet of Things and digital transformation, and they jointly witnessed the official release of the world’s first “5G SA Deployment Guide” led by China Telecom. This will play a positive and important role in promoting the healthy development of the global 5G SA industry and the large-scale deployment of SA networks.

On June 30, at the “5G Independent Networking Deployment Guide Industry Conference” at the “GSMA Thrive? All Things Life” online exhibition, Liu Guiqing, deputy general manager of China Telecom, expounded China with the topic of “China Telecom 5G SA Plan”. Telecom 5G independent networking, cloud-network integration, 5G core values ​​and other development ideas emphasize that the 5G SA strategy is the best practice of cloud-network integration.

(Liu Guiqing, Deputy General Manager of China Telecom)

Take the lead in formulating the “5G SA Deployment Guide”

To support 5G SA network deployment, GSMA cooperates with operators and suppliers. In view of China Telecom’s outstanding achievements in 5G SA technology innovation, standard promotion, industry promotion, and commercial deployment, GSMA determined that China Telecom will take the lead to organize the global 5G industry and jointly formulate the “5G SA Deployment Guide.” The guide focuses on the development of the global 5G SA industry chain, summarizes the 5G SA system deployment experience, and elaborates on the core issues of SA core technology, deployment evolution, terminals, test evaluation, and business applications. The world’s first official release of the “5G SA Deployment Guide” will definitely play a positive and important role in promoting the healthy development of the global 5G SA industry and the large-scale deployment of SA networks.

China Telecom has long been committed to actively promoting the maturity of the 5G SA industry, focusing on 5G SA’s core capabilities, vigorously carrying out 5G core technology and business application innovation, creating high-quality SA commercial deployment capabilities, and successfully achieving a number of industry firsts.

In 2018, China Telecom released the world’s first 5G technical white paper comprehensively expounding 5G technical views and strategies, and took the lead in building the world’s first SA-based, SA/NSA hybrid network of cross-provincial and cross-domain large-scale trial networks.

In 2019, China Telecom took the lead in the world to complete SA 5GC inter-vendor interoperability, and for the first time realized the NSA/SA dual-mode concatenated network test and end-to-end high-definition voice calls based on the 5G SA system.

◆ In terms of network slicing, China Telecom completed the industry’s first network slicing laboratory verification based on the 5G SA end-to-end environment, and for the first time verified the multi-slicing scenario on the Guangdong Trial Network;

◆ In terms of mobile edge computing, China Telecom independently developed the MEC platform, which was successfully used in the VR live broadcast of the 26th “Oriental Fengyun List” Music Awards Ceremony in Shanghai;

◆ In terms of cloudification, China Telecom takes the lead in the world to implement 5G SA deployment based on IPv6 and cloud-network convergence architecture, realizes 5G and 4G interoperability on the existing network, supports no card replacement, no number change, and converged billing, and is a large-scale commercial use of 5G SA Be prepared for end-to-end;

◆ In terms of business applications, China Telecom provides various application innovations for public customers and vertical industries, such as Shenzhen UAV policing and 5G Spring Festival Gala live broadcast.

Adhere to the SA strategy and promote the three major innovations

All along, in the high-standard and high-quality deployment of 5G, China Telecom firmly regards SA as the direction and goal of 5G development. China Telecom has always insisted that SA is the foundation of 5G innovation and prioritizes SA solution networking. On October 31, 2019, China Telecom opened the world’s first 5G SA commercial network in Shenzhen. As of May 2020, the total number of 5G base stations in China Telecom’s entire network has reached 160,000, and the number of 5G package users is 34 million, and it strives to build 300,000 5G base stations by 2020.

Since 5G SA can effectively support all 5G application scenarios and provide rich, diverse, differentiated, and personalized services and services, it is the evolution direction and target architecture of 5G networks. China Telecom has always adhered to the development concept of “standards first, technology leadership, and business innovation”. Since 2017, it has actively carried out a large number of 5G SA innovation work, achieved many breakthrough results, and formed many differentiated advantages.

◆ In terms of standard innovation, China Telecom focused on 5G core capabilities and first proposed the “Three Clouds” 5G architecture, super uplink and other key SA technologies. These technologies have been integrated into 3GPP international standards, providing solid technology for the development of global 5G SA Base.

◆ In terms of network innovation, in 2018, China Telecom took the lead in publishing a 5G technical white paper in the world, clearly proposing the SA direction and networking strategy, building a cross-provincial and cross-domain SA scale test network, breaking the SA networking bottleneck problem many times, and achieving multiple The project is the first in the SA industry and has accumulated valuable experience for accelerating the maturity of the SA industry and the scale development of 5G.

◆ In terms of business innovation, China Telecom provides various innovative applications for public customers and industry customers based on SA characteristic capabilities such as network slicing and edge computing, promotes the integration of 5G and industrial Internet, deeply empowers traditional industries, and has achieved a good society Benefits and economic benefits.

“The network moves with the cloud, and the cloud and the network are integrated”

The 5G era is the era of the cloud, and it is also a critical period for cloud-network integration. China Telecom adheres to the development of cloud and network integration. Based on the existing network, it fully applies new technologies such as 5G, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things, promotes the deep integration of cloud and network, creates an intelligent Internet of things, and satisfies the information connection of all things. The needs of the communication network.

With the rapid development of cloud computing, China Telecom took the lead in proposing the strategic direction of a digital platform for cloud and network integration, aiming to create a “simple, agile, intensive, open, and secure” ubiquitous intelligent network, and build a digital platform for cloud and network integration. The new DICT application products will gradually realize the cloud-network integration architecture of “the network is the foundation, the cloud is the key, the network moves with the cloud, and the cloud and network are integrated”.

China Telecom is the first to build a “2+31+X” cloud network infrastructure nationwide. It currently has 315 cloud resource pools across the country, ranking first in China’s hybrid cloud market share, ranking first in global operator cloud market share, and IDC business Ranked No. 1 in China, it has realized the network moves with the cloud, the cloud access is convenient, and the cloud is unobstructed. It has formed a unique advantage of cloud-network integration resources and service capabilities. During the fight against the epidemic in 2020, based on the high-performance 5G network and Tianyi cloud platform, China Telecom not only provides a safe and stable “cloud live broadcast” platform for hundreds of millions of netizens, but also provides information applications such as medical cloud access and remote consultation to fight the epidemic. “Win time and space.

“Cloud network integration + 5G” complement each other and promote the interconnection of everything. In 2020, China Telecom will continue to accelerate the construction of new infrastructures such as 5G and big data, make every effort to strengthen cloud-network integration capabilities, continue to leverage the comprehensive advantages of “5G+cloud+AI” cloud-network integration, promote the upgrading of traditional industries, and empower the transformation of the digital economy.

“Innovation has no limits and is born into the new!” The official release of the “5G SA Deployment Guide” will promote the healthy development of the global 5G SA industry and promote the large-scale deployment of SA networks. As a leader in the global 5G SA industry, China Telecom, while accelerating the construction of 5G SA, adheres to the concept of “customer first, service attentively”, and locks the goal on “cloud network integration” to build the best 5G SA based on this Business applications and user experience make 5G SA the best practice of “cloud-network integration”.

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