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Strong cognitive AI empowers the integration of sports and education, and dark object intelligence debuts at the “Western Electronic Expo”

The 2021 China (Western) Electronic Information Expo, the largest electronic information industry event in the western region with the theme of “New Patterns, New Polar Cores, and New Opportunities” will be held at the Chengdu Century City New International Expo Center on July 15-17. Under the guidance of Chengdu Municipal People’s Government, Sichuan Provincial Department of Economics and Information Technology, Chongqing Municipal Commission of Economics and Information Technology, and hosted by Chengdu Economic and Information Technology Bureau, Chengdu Expo Bureau, China Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd., CEC Exhibition and Information Dissemination Co., Ltd. Organized by the company and the Chengdu Electronic Information Industry Ecosystem Alliance, the concentrated Display includes representative electronics such as smart driving, 5G and smart terminals, big data storage and artificial intelligence, new displays, integrated circuits, electronic components, test and measurement, microwave radio frequency, network security, etc. The core content of the future development of the information industry. As a leading company in the field of artificial intelligence, Dark Object Intelligent Technology (Booth No.: 3A214), will bring a variety of AI artificial intelligence terminal products to this industry event.

Strong cognitive AI empowers the integration of sports and education, and dark object intelligence debuts at the “Western Electronic Expo”

Company Profile:

Dark Object Intelligence Technology (referred to as “Dark Object Intelligence” or “DMAI”) was founded in 2017 and is committed to creating a new generation of artificial intelligence technology platform based on strong cognition. Relying on the disruptive “small data, big task” technology paradigm, the company applies new breakthroughs in artificial intelligence at the cognitive level to industrial practice, realizing truly highly natural human-computer interaction and collaboration.

At present, Dark Object Intelligence has verified the versatility of its technology and platform in the actual business of smart education, smart business and other fields. Focusing on the core technology of strong cognitive AI, Dark Object Intelligence uses AILA smart homework lights, AILA cute pet foreign teachers, AILA smart learning books, knowledgeable classrooms, knowledgeable teaching assistants and other software and hardware products to create coverage for preschool education, K12 education, online education, Quality education and other product matrices for the full life learning cycle of users, to create a more intelligent learning experience for users; through game reasoning decision engines, new retail solutions, etc., to expand the strong cognitive AI capabilities to pan-entertainment, retail and other emerging industries, and continue Create value and promote business model innovation.

Adhering to the development vision of “improving human well-being with a strong cognitive AI platform”, Dark Object Intelligence will continue to devote a new generation of cognitive intelligence technology to deeply integrate education and other important fields of national economy and people’s livelihood, and truly give full play to strong cognitive AI “strong interaction and warmth” , Trustworthy” core value.

demo product:

Strong cognitive AI empowers the integration of sports and education, and dark object intelligence debuts at the “Western Electronic Expo”

The Dark Object Intelligent Technology of this exhibition mainly showcases AILA cute pet foreign teachers, AILA intelligent work lights, AILA intelligent learning notebooks and other intelligent terminal products. These exhibits are based on Dark Object Intelligent original strong cognitive AI technology and have strong Adaptive teaching and multi-modal human-computer interaction capabilities provide users with a more intelligent learning experience. Among them, AILA Mengpet foreign teachers build an adaptive learning engine, build a full closed loop of each child’s personalized learning, intelligently plan the learning path, and truly realize the “thousand opportunities”. AILA smart work light incorporates the AI ​​lecturing technology pioneered by Dark Object Intelligence, which can output standardized and high-quality automatic explanation content without relying on a large-scale question bank. AILA Smart Learning Book connects the whole chain of pre-class, mid- and post-class, to create a one-stop intelligent teaching program of preparation-teaching-practice-testing-evaluation-learning.

Strategic Planning:

In recent years, based on the disruptive technology paradigm of “small data, big tasks”, dark matter intelligence technology has taken the lead in applying artificial intelligence technology breakthroughs at the cognitive level, such as human-computer multimodal interaction, knowledge reasoning, common sense learning, etc. Landed products in the fields of smart education, smart business, etc., get rid of the excessive dependence of traditional big data-based AI algorithms on data and computing power, and are irreplaceable in application fields that require deep-level human-computer interaction, personalized services, and contextual understanding. value.

In the future, Dark Matter Intelligent Technology will continue to deepen the smart education scene, improve the ecological layout of education products in the full life learning cycle of users, and continue to enrich the matrix of AILA educational technology products and smart education solutions; expand the strengths of smart business areas such as pan-entertainment and new retail Cognitive AI empowers, through game reasoning decision engines, new retail solutions, etc., leading the innovation of industry business models.

Strong cognitive AI empowers the integration of sports and education, and dark object intelligence debuts at the “Western Electronic Expo”

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