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Rising Boosts PKS Ecological Development and Co-builds Digital China with All Partners

Recently, the “PKS Secure Advanced Computing 2021 Ecological Conference” co-sponsored by the Tianjin Municipal People’s Government and China Electronics and Information Industry Group Co., Ltd. (“China Electronics”) was held in Tianjin. As a member of the PKS industry ecology, Rising Company participated in the conference online. At the same time, Rising President Liu Wenjie, on behalf of the company, wished the conference a complete success in the form of video.

It is reported that the “PKS” system is an autonomous computing system with Feiteng CPU, Kirin operating system and full-process and full-link three-dimensional security protection, supported by the Tianjin Municipal People’s Government and created by many industry partners in the China Electronics United Nations. This system has been used in government affairs and energy. , Finance and other fields are widely used. The “PKS Security Advanced Computing 2021 Ecological Conference” with the theme of “Gathering Potential and Energy, and Flying Together” aims to build an open collaboration platform, gather industrial ecological forces, organize breakthroughs in key core technologies, and accelerate the development of safe and advanced green computing Industry, boosting the construction of a network power and a digital China.

As a domestic independent research and development network security company, Rising’s ESM anti-virus system (Xinchuang version) has been adapted to multiple CPUs and operating systems such as the Great Wall, Galaxy Kirin, Feiteng, and Dameng of China Electronics Information Industry Group. And to maintain a long-term good cooperative relationship, through the strong alliance, Rising can create an independent and controllable network security protection system for many domestic enterprise users.

According to Rising Company, the Rising ESM Anti-Virus System (Xinchuang Edition) is a brand new enterprise-level terminal security protection system meticulously created by Rising Company for the localized ecology. It has multiple functions such as terminal anti-virus, unified management, and intelligent anti-virus protection. The BS/CS architecture is adopted to support and protect the domestically produced operating systems and Windows systems of mainstream releases. It can perform real-time backup and storage of data, meet relevant security requirements, and ensure the stability and smoothness of the business.

Rising said that all products and technologies under Rising are independently developed and have provided cybersecurity guarantees for military industry, energy, telecommunications, finance, medical care, education and other fields. In the future, it will rely on its own technical advantages in the cybersecurity industry and With rich experience, we will jointly promote digital development with partners in the PKS system and create a good digital ecological environment.

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