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Luo Kejiahua: Technology empowers and strives to be an innovator of IoT technology

In the exhibition hall of Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “ROK Jiahua”), as people pass by, the AI ​​intelligent exhibition area will continuously emit prompt sounds. “This is the latest smart vision exhibition hall built by the company. This experience area integrates AI models such as regional intrusion, hard hat wearing, mask wearing, and making and receiving calls. When a person without a mask is identified, the system will automatically perform At the same time, a warning message will pop up to remind personnel to correct violations in time.” said Wang Yaohua, head of embedded products at Luo Ke Jiahua.

Give full play to our own advantages to help the digital transformation of thousands of industries

Luo Ke Jiahua is a high-tech enterprise in Shanxi Comprehensive Reform Demonstration Zone. It mainly promotes applications such as smart environmental protection, smart cities, and smart manufacturing and provides Internet of Things data services. Several smart projects have been built in Shanxi, such as Taiyuan Atmospheric Grid, Qingxu Smart City, Luliang Smart Environmental Protection, and Smart Government Affairs of Taiyuan Service Center for the People. “We have signed a cooperation agreement on smart vision projects with Huawei, and we will jointly create a’new generation smart vision demonstration zone’ with Shanxi Comprehensive Reform Demonstration Zone, and jointly develop and develop machine vision products.” Wang Yaohua said.

The reporter learned that Huocheng’s machine vision product is a computing device that uses AI technology to store, analyze and apply data at the end of data sources such as videos and images. It combines ROK Jiahua’s Iocheng edge computing smart station equipment with Huawei’s camera products. By providing hardware-defined cameras, smart video storage, and cloud services, it performs real-time analysis of the video with a localized AI model, and localizes the images and videos. Intelligent identification and screening can effectively reduce bandwidth resources and share cloud loads, realize the transformation from traditional security to machine vision, and facilitate the digital transformation of thousands of industries.

Create Xinchuang products to promote technological innovation

Xinchuang, the innovative development of information technology applications, is currently a national strategy. The essence of the development of Xinchuang is to solve national security issues. Vigorously develop the science and technology industry and encourage technological innovation has become a proposition that the times are not waiting for us. The development of Xinchuang products has also become the key to the digital transformation of the economy and the promotion of the development of the industrial chain.

As an Internet of Things technology company, Luo Kejiahua has been committed to promoting the development of Internet of Things, databases, artificial intelligence and other technologies for many years, creating domestic, independent, safe and credible new technologies and new products, and promoting national scientific and technological innovation.

In terms of databases, Luo Ke Jiahua has developed Costin IoT database specifically for the storage, real-time, and security characteristics of IoT big data, and has been selected into the Xinchuang technology map. It has completed the Huawei Cloud Kunpeng adaptation certification, which can achieve more Source multi-dimensional data is quickly accessed to realize the interconnection of all things.

In terms of data sharing, Luo Kejiahua builds a cloud chain data sharing platform based on blockchain and cloud computing technology, which can realize the interconnection and intercommunication of platforms in various industries and fields, and solve the problems of data non-sharing and security. In response to the current distrust of carbon emissions data, based on the cloud chain data sharing platform, the carbon chain certification system is developed to build a “multi-in-one” trust system to serve real-time carbon accounting, carbon verification, carbon trading and other related businesses , To revitalize corporate carbon assets.

Focus on the “dual carbon” goal to promote green development

In addition, Luo Kejiahua undertook the construction of the second-level node of national industrial Internet identification analysis, which is the first approved identification analysis system in the country with dual-carbon and ecological environment data as the core, providing a solid data identification for the ecological environment dual-carbon cloud map” “Dock” can identify and credibly store each piece of platform data, establish an “ID card” for the data, and provide users with a clearer and more rigorous data source. At the same time, the company has also created a “ecological environment dual-carbon cloud map”, established a set of monitoring, quantification, and intelligent analysis systems for the ecological environment, carbon emissions, and carbon asset management, based in Shanxi, and expanding the carbon market across the country.

Wang Yaohua said that up to now, Rock Jiahua has created more than 80 artificial intelligence algorithm models, involving smart environmental protection, smart industry, smart emergency response, smart manufacturing and other industries. It can also face various industries with customized AI requirements and zero algorithm basis. Or users who need to develop AI efficiently, provide a one-stop AI development process to accelerate the application of AI technology in the industry.

Achieving carbon peak and carbon neutrality is a broad and profound economic and social systemic change, and it is an inevitable choice for my country’s ecological civilization construction and high-quality development. Prior to this, during the 2021 China International Service Trade Fair, the 2021 China Carbon Neutral Development Forum was held at the same time, and the “Eco-Environmental Dual-Carbon Cloud Map” was released. At the forum, Shanxi Comprehensive Reform Demonstration Zone and Beijing Green Exchange formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Both parties will make full use of the policy advantages, talent advantages, location advantages of Shanxi Comprehensive Reform Demonstration Zone and the industry advantages, technical advantages and resource advantages of Beijing Green Exchange. , To carry out in-depth cooperation in all aspects and multiple fields to help Shanxi Province to achieve the “dual carbon” goal as soon as possible.

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