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Uisee Technology’s unmanned luggage tractor can enter the apron to provide operational services

According to news on December 29, recently, the unmanned luggage towing fleet built by Uisee Technology officially started cargo and mail transshipment at Urumqi International Airport. According to Uisee Technology, this is the first time in the industry that unmanned vehicles have entered the apron to provide operational services.

Uisee Technology’s unmanned luggage tractor can enter the apron to provide operational services

Combining the logistics operation requirements and climate characteristics of Urumqi International Airport, Uisee Technology has optimized the design and intelligent upgrade of the airport logistics plan, using unmanned luggage tractors to replace manually driven vehicles.

It is understood that the Uisee technology unmanned luggage tractor is based on the universal automatic driving technology stack U-Drive. The body is equipped with multiple sensors such as lidar, DGPS and camera. It can accurately perceive the surrounding environment and intelligently detect the apron during driving. It also automatically stops and avoids the position of the aircraft on the board, and realizes the functions of multi-vehicle coordination and precise parking at the same time, so as to ensure the safety and reliability of the transportation process. In addition, airport staff can perform management scheduling and remote monitoring based on the unmanned vehicle cloud intelligent management platform.

At present, Uisee Technology and Urumqi International Airport have completed the normal operation inspection of the unmanned fleet in icy and snowy extreme cold weather, and realized the apron and gallery bridge to flexibly integrate into the existing apron cargo and mail transshipment process. In the first phase of the project, 5 unmanned luggage tractors have been put into batches for all-weather airport logistics operations.

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