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Focusing on domestic replacement of high-end analog chips, Shuming semiconductor isolation driver has passed CQC certification

Recently, Shanghai Shuming semiconductor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Shuming Semiconductor) announced that a series of isolation drive products independently developed by the company have successfully passed CQC certification and comply with GB4943.1-2011 information technology equipment safety related standards. Reliability has reached the leading level in the industry. As a total solution provider for high-performance analog chip design and system, Su Ming Semiconductor has independent independent intellectual property rights and rich IP accumulation. It has obtained 24 patent authorizations. This time, many products of isolation drive have obtained CQC certification. It is a national professional organization A high degree of recognition for the technical strength and product quality of the Shuming brand.

Focusing on domestic replacement of high-end analog chips, Shuming semiconductor isolation driver has passed CQC certification

Shuming Semiconductor CQC product certification

1. Two-channel dead zone programmable isolation driver SLMi823x series


The SLMi823x product series are dual-channel isolated gate drivers that can provide 1A or 4A drive capability. The driver output voltage range supports from 9V to 40V, and the input side supports a wide range of inputs from 3V to 18V, making the SLMi823x driver adaptable to various analog and digital controller interfaces. SLMi823x complies with UL1577 standard, among which DFN13 package can provide 2.5kVRMS isolation withstand voltage, and SOP16W package can support 5kVRMS isolation withstand voltage. Ultra-high CMTI, extremely low transmission delay, and flexible dead-zone configuration make SLMi823x very suitable for isolated drive of MOSFET/IGBT, SiC and GaN field effect transistors.

2. Compatible with IGBT/SiC isolation driver SLMi33x series of optocoupler with DESAT protection function


The SLMi33x product series is an advanced optocoupler compatible single-channel isolated IGBT gate driver that can provide 1.5A, 2.5A or 4A drive capability. SLMi33x has built-in fast desaturation (DESAT) fault detection function, Miller clamp function, soft shutdown function, open-drain fault feedback and selectable self-recovery mode, providing high-quality, high-performance isolated drive solutions for the system.

SLMi33x meets the UL1577 standard, achieves an isolation voltage of 5kVrms, and has a common mode transient immunity (CMTI) of more than 100kV/us, ensuring reliability and stability in extremely harsh working environments.

Leading technical advantage

Shuming Semiconductor’s isolation drive products are based on independent patented technology research and development, with high performance, cost-effective, and high reliability product characteristics. The certified SLMi823x series applications cover UPS, charging piles, server power supplies, communication power supplies, and new energy vehicles. On-board OBC field of powertrain systems; SLMi33x is also widely used in different motor drive fields such as industrial inverters and servo drives.

[Advantages of Shuming Semiconductor Isolation Driver]

§ The pins are fully compatible with optocoupler drive products and achieve a complete performance beyond

§ Higher driving capability, up to 4.0A, meeting extreme requirements

§ Stronger robustness, CMTI丨input end anti-negative voltage丨isolation voltage丨surge voltage

§ Wider working temperature range, from -40℃ to 125℃

By actively breaking through technical barriers, Shuming Semiconductor’s isolation driver can provide reliable and stable innovative solutions in a variety of extremely harsh working environments. In the future, Shuming Semiconductor will continue to make products with heart, strictly control the quality, provide customers with better and richer isolation products, and accelerate the localized replacement of isolation devices.

About Shuming Semiconductor

Shuming Semiconductor was established in 2013, focusing on high-performance analog chip design and overall system solutions. Products include driver chips, isolators, power management, and smart photovoltaic solutions. Products can be widely used in industrial control, power supplies, and optical modules. , New energy and automotive fields. The company is headquartered in Shanghai Songjiang G60 Science and Technology Innovation Corridor-Technology Oasis, and has established branches in Shenzhen, Pudong Zhangjiang and other places.
The core R&D and management team of Shuming Semiconductor is composed of a group of senior experts from the industry’s top semiconductor design companies. The company has independent intellectual property rights and a wealth of IP accumulation, has obtained 24 patent authorizations and was rated as a “high-tech enterprise” in 2020.
The company always adheres to the business philosophy of “professionalism, focus, innovation, and efficiency”, and is committed to becoming a leading domestic supplier of driver and power management chips.

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