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Lingsheng Technology’s first AIoT product released

“Nine days open up one Chengdu, thousands of households and thousands of doors enter the picture”, Li Bai, a poet who grew up in Shu, used just fourteen words to outline the beautiful country of Tianfu, which is rich and beautiful, and left us in the ancient times when there was no photography and video technology. A beautiful written record. More than 1,300 years later, in today’s unprecedented development of artificial intelligence, video and communication technology, thousands of households and thousands of doors can not only “draw pictures”, but also all things can be intelligently interconnected. In recent years, this historic ancient city with unique modern charm is also experiencing changes in technology, and Lingsheng Technology, which is jointly invested by Jianguang Assets, Zhilu Capital, Datang Lianxin and Qualcomm, is headquartered in Shuangliu District, Chengdu. The innovative chip company, with a grand event of “2020 AIoT Summit Forum and Lingsheng ‘Core Vision’ Product Launch”, also depicts the future of the smart IoT industry in Chengdu, and its grandly released AIoT SoC visual innovation application is open The platform JA310 chip is aimed at the trillion-level smart IoT market including smart monitoring, face recognition, video conferencing, in-vehicle terminals, sports cameras and other wide-ranging smart IoT markets.

Lingsheng Technology’s first AIoT product released

Lingsheng Technology 2020 AIoT Summit Forum and Lingsheng “Core Vision” Product Launch

“Lingsheng Technology is our most important layout in the two tracks of mobile communication and the Internet of Things. Combined with some relevant investments we have made in the upstream and downstream of Lingsheng, we can create a good domestic ecological chain.” Beijing Jianguang Assets Cheng Guoxiang, executive deputy general manager of Management Co., Ltd., said in an on-site interview at the 2020 AIoT Summit Forum and Lingsheng “Core Vision” product launch held recently. “This field is currently a very prosperous and promising industry in China. As shareholders and investors, we have devoted a lot of effort here, hoping to make some contributions to its prosperity and development, as well as to our national industry. Contribution.” Zhang Yuanjie, managing partner of Beijing Zhilu Capital Management Co., Ltd. added in the interview.

Lingsheng Technology’s first AIoT product released

Cheng Guoxiang (left), executive deputy general manager of Beijing Jianguang Assets, and Zhang Yuanjie, managing partner of Beijing Zhilu Capital (right)

Embracing artificial intelligence + IoT outlet, the choice of Lingsheng dual track

According to CCTV news reports, China is one of the most important consumer markets for chips in the world. In 2018 alone, the domestic demand accounted for 34% of the global market. In contrast, the proportion of products produced by the domestic chip industry is only Up to 7.9%, import demand as high as 26%, and China’s long-term role as a mid-to-low-end manufacturer in the world semiconductor industry chain have caused the domestic industry chain to rely heavily on foreign technology and foreign products. According to statistics from relevant state departments, my country’s chip imports last year reached 310 billion US dollars, which exceeded 230 billion US dollars of imported oil. Therefore, it is urgent to vigorously improve the basic industrial capabilities including basic materials, components, technologies and processes.

In this regard, Cheng Guoxiang said: “The Internet of Things may be the most important breakthrough in the future. In recent years, with the increasing reserve of domestic advanced talents, our design capabilities have been continuously improved, and the ecosystem of the entire industry chain has gradually matured. , so we are still full of confidence in catching up with the world’s advanced level in the field of independent chip development in the future.”

Lingsheng Technology’s first AIoT product released

Cheng Guoxiang, Executive Deputy General Manager of Beijing Jianguang Assets

As the biggest growth point of semiconductor chip applications after the smart phone outlet, IoT chips are used as the communication carrier between things, and there is a demand for implanted chips at each node. Electronics and other devices are connected and will be combined with 5G + AIoT to jointly build an artificial intelligence infrastructure that empowers the whole society, and its future scale will be at least ten times or even dozens of times the number of mobile phones. According to a study published by Transforma Insights, the number of active IoT devices was 7.6 billion by the end of 2019 and is expected to grow to 24.1 billion by 2030, representing a compound annual growth rate of 11%.

Lingsheng Technology adopts a dual product line strategy of mobile communication chips and smart IoT chips for the current development of self-developed chip products. The JA310 series with industry-leading architecture launched at this conference is the implementation of Lingsheng’s smart IoT strategy. key move. “At present, the domestic market is going through the transition from 4G to 5G. 5G is still in an early stage. Later, with the gradual maturity of 5G technology, in terms of 5G and 4G chips, whether in the field of mobile communication or the Internet of Things In this field, the demand for chips is very huge.” Cheng Guoxiang said confidently when talking about the prospects of the JA310 series, “This industry is mainly supported by volume, if the scale of the volume is relatively large, then the entire product will have Competitiveness, the price of the product will have an advantage, so our strategy is to focus on the domestic market, but also take into account the international market, the prospects are very bright.”

With the help of the capital, “the right place and the right people”, Lingsheng Technology took off with the general trend of the industry

For the domestic market, Zhang Yuanjie mentioned the word “the right place and the right people”: “We are building infrastructure for the new infrastructure, and our role is to provide screws for the new infrastructure. The companies we invested in, including Lingsheng, have a very wide range of applications. The market is very broad, so we are very lucky to be able to launch this product at this time. We hope that we can seize the opportunity to make it gradually expand and lay a certain foundation for the development of the country’s new infrastructure. contribute.”

The government work report of the two sessions at the beginning of the year listed new infrastructure such as 5G, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, and the Internet of Things as key tasks for economic construction. Different from traditional infrastructure projects such as ports, bridges, and highways, the new infrastructure includes a number of high-end projects at this stage. Manufacturing technology industry. At present, the demand for digital transformation and development of my country’s economy and society is strong. 5G commercial use has solved the network connection bottleneck that has restricted the development of the Internet of Things for a long time. The Internet of Things, as the key infrastructure to realize the interconnection and intelligence of all things in the new infrastructure, is to stimulate the high-quality development of my country’s economy. A catalyst for new kinetic energy.

“In the past, China has developed relatively fast in terms of mobile communications, and domestic mobile chips have also developed rapidly. In recent years, China has vigorously developed the Internet of Things, which has led to the same rapid development in all aspects, including the entire artificial intelligence. There are three points. It is very important.” Zhang Yuanjie said, “First, the support of policies, whether it is new infrastructure or the country’s recent No. 8 document, has a very positive role in promoting the development of the industry; second, the entire Chinese market has IoT applications. The third is a complete domestic industrial chain. Through these three points, we can drive the rapid iteration of chip products in this field, drive chip upgrades through applications, and use the market to feed back technology research and development, so that we can eventually take the lead in the global market. position.”

Lingsheng Technology’s first AIoT product released

Zhang Yuanjie, managing partner of Beijing Zhilu Capital

The semiconductor and integrated circuit industry is the industry with the most meticulous division of labor in the world. From the most upstream raw materials, silicon wafers, various gases to equipment, Foundry, IP, design companies, to the final test, packaging, this is a very long chain. “The chip itself is an integrated process, including IP and various units inside, there are some specific key technologies that need to be overcome, so we do some measures in the periphery, and form a relationship with it through our investment in some key technologies in the periphery. Very benign interaction and complementation, the effect will be better.” Cheng Guoxiang pointed out, “Through a large amount of investment, Ronshine Industry Alliance has supported a series of domestic wafer manufacturing, packaging, packaging and testing companies. From the perspective of shareholders, we are in Carry out intensive cultivation for future intelligent upgrades, so as to create a layout network covering the upstream and downstream of the entire industry chain. From the perspective of Lingsheng, it is hoped that with the help of these ecological layouts, it will be able to stand in domestic semiconductors in a few years. The position of the industry leader.”

Going fast alone, going far away, multi-party capital jointly leverages the trillion-dollar market

At present, the challenges of the domestic industrial chain are mainly reflected in the rapid development speed and rapid technological update iterations. Enterprises will face great challenges in accurately predicting market demand. In contrast, the development cycle of semiconductor and integrated circuit companies is usually relatively long, so it is a test of the strength and patience of investors. In this regard, Cheng Guoxiang said: “As an investor, we must focus on both short-term benefits and long-term returns. From the perspective of start-ups in the integrated circuit field, we should pay more attention to the potential of this platform and its future influence on the market. , rather than short-term financial indicators. And we are more interested in how the R&D results can launch products with core competitiveness through large-scale investment in the near future, and have a real influence on the market, then this return is also Very promising.”

In recent years, smart technology has become the most active field of global innovation. Innovative applications such as 5G, automotive electronics, Internet of Things, AI, high-performance computing, data centers, industrial robots, and smart wear have brought new opportunities for the development of the industry. From the perspective of technology and infrastructure, the algorithms represented by deep learning are mature, the computing power represented by GPU and cloud computing is improved, the massive data brought by the penetration of the Internet and mobile Internet, and the progress of semiconductor and precision processing technology. The popularization of intelligent sensors, the improvement of information transmission efficiency brought about by the communication revolution, and the improvement of the hardware industry chain have also brought about the potential for large-scale industrial applications of intelligent technology.

“Our current investment focus will focus on the field of SMART smart technology, namely semiconductor semiconductor, Mobile mobile communication, Automotive automotive electronics, Robotics robot – intelligent manufacturing, IoT Internet of Things – Internet of Everything, and at the same time focus on new materials and other fields, and it is a hard technology Together with software investment, we will create a complete investment ecosystem.” Talking about future investment goals, Zhang Yuanjie said, “For Lingsheng, we have a long-term and strategic investment mentality and are full of confidence in it, and will continue to increase in the future. At the same time, we also continue to invest in its peripheral and upstream and downstream supporting ‘satellite’ enterprises, forming an investment pattern of “one satellite and multiple satellites”, and through the synergy of these enterprises, we will promote the all-round development of Lingsheng. “

Lingsheng’s first self-developed AIoT chip JA310

At the JA310 conference site, “open” became an important keyword. Lingsheng strives to create an open software and hardware platform solution. The chip platform not only has rich peripheral interfaces, but also realizes the decoupling design of software and hardware, so as to separate BSP and application development. . At the capital level, the two executives of the capital also gave an open statement. “Whether it is from the level of Lingsheng or from the level of investors, we are open and welcoming to other investors. Lingsheng may start a new round of financing, which will ensure that the company can have more competitive strength to promote more more research and development, and increase investment in research and development.” Cheng Guoxiang pointed out. According to reports, the market is very active in terms of preliminary contact and investigation, and it is very likely that Lingsheng will complete a new round of financing this year.


In 2020, external challenges will intensify, and the industry will enter an inflection point. China’s integrated circuit industry, which has been chasing the world’s cutting-edge technologies for a long time in the past, is either active or passive in the research and development of emerging technologies such as 5G, AI, and autonomous driving, and even begins to enter “no man’s land.” ”, Chinese enterprises in related fields are constantly expanding their borders to meet new challenges. Changes in the industrial environment have made this trend more prominent: that is, the market is no longer the competition of single enterprises and single-point products, but the competition of industrial chains; what is needed is not a single aircraft carrier, but an aircraft carrier battle group. Lingsheng Technology is an important member of Rongxin Industry Alliance, and it is also a key layout enterprise of Rongxin Industry Alliance in the intelligent Internet of Things and mobile communication industry chain. The integrated circuit industry ecological cluster planning with Lingsheng as the main body, from the chip base to the application R&D and manufacturing of 5G communication, Internet of Vehicles, AIoT and the Internet of Everything, will drive the coordinated development of the industrial chain and innovation chain in Chengdu and related regions. And then promote the formation of the value chain.

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