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Explosion field! Ten RISC-V processors are released together! Appointment?

The development of RISC-V in China can be described beyond imagination!

I still remember the situation of participating in the RISC-V debut in China in May 2017. It was published in “The performance is higher than ARM, but the power consumption is lower than it, and the key is free! ? This processor is awesome! “There are detailed narratives in the article. At that time, I also interviewed two big cows in the RISC-V field. One was Krste Asanovic (left in the picture below), the founder of Sifive International, and the other was David, the inventor of the RISC-V processor. Professor Patterson (right in the picture below), he had not won the Turing Award at the time (won in 2018). Two great people and I were chatting in a conference room. They answered me with a lot of basic questions patiently. We I also talked about the characteristics of RISC-V, the business model and the future. The deep chat brought me passion and passion, and I wrote the above article when I was excited.


Explosion field! Ten RISC-V processors are released together! Appointment?

The event at that time was undertaken by VeriSilicon Microelectronics. On the campus of Shanghai Jiaotong University, there was a strong academic color, and such great gods could be seen everywhere at the event site.


Explosion field! Ten RISC-V processors are released together! Appointment?

The faces of the people watching are full of joy, and their eyes are shining. I know that they see what they like. The kind of joy is comparable to the bag that Miss Sister has bought for a long time.


Explosion field! Ten RISC-V processors are released together! Appointment?

Now, four years later, the development of RISC-V in China can be described by rocket speed!

Many local IC companies have participated in the research and development of RISC-V processors. Lanxun has released 200 million RISC-V-based TWS headset solutions, and Shenzhen APT has also released 200 million RISC-V-based TWS headsets. Alibaba’s Xuantie processor based on the RISC-V open-source instruction set has shipped 2 billion pieces of MCUs! Zhaoyi Innovation also launched a RISC-V-based MCU, and sold more than 100,000 sets of development boards alone!

China has not only the RISC-V Industry Alliance (CRVIC), but also companies that provide RISC-V processor IP, development tools, and debuggers. The RISC-V ecosystem has taken shape, and there are a large number of companies developing RISC-V-based home appliances. Processors, server ICs, industrial ICs, etc., RISC-V can be said to be blooming all over China.

In such a good situation, a RISC technology feast will be opened in Shanghai! It is the first “Dishui Lake China RISC-V Industry Forum” (referred to as “Dishui Lake Forum”), which will be held on December 17, 2021 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Lingang New Area.

Under the guidance of China semiconductor Industry Association, this conference is co-hosted by China RISC-V Industry Alliance (CRVIC), VeriSilicon Microelectronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Integrated Circuit Industry Cluster Development Promotion Agency. China (Shanghai) Freedom Co-organized by the Management Committee of Lingang New Area of ​​the Trade Experimental Zone and Shanghai Lingang Technology Innovation City Economic Development Co., Ltd. The purpose of the conference is to promote the docking of Chinese RISC-V chips with application manufacturers and investment institutions, and to promote the rapid industrialization and application innovation of domestic RISC-V chips. It is reported that starting from next year, the industry forum is planned to be held on the shore of Shanghai Lingang Dishui Lake every autumn. This is the meeting agenda.


Explosion field! Ten RISC-V processors are released together! Appointment?

Explosion field! Ten RISC-V processors are released together! Appointment?

This conference will undoubtedly promote the further development of RISC-V in China. It is reported that this conference will invite about 150 important participants from the RISC-V industry chain. The conference will build an efficient communication platform for each participant through product promotion, demo Display, round-table discussion, free communication, media reports, etc., to promote interaction and collaboration within the industry, and expand the influence of RISC-V in the industry. Win-win cooperation in all links of China’s RISC-V industry chain. At this conference, 10 excellent first batch of domestic RISC-V chips that represent China’s advanced IC design level and are closely integrated with application requirements will be released and promoted.

This is a brief introduction of ten local RISC-V processors to be released:

1. Zeng Jintao, CEO of Shanghai Xianji Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd., recommended the ultra-high performance RISC-V general-purpose MCUHPM6000 series;

2. Wang Bin, MCU product manager of Xinsheng Technology Co., Ltd., introduced China Mobile’s first RISC-V low-power high-capacity MCU chip CM32M4xxR series;

3. Wang Zhenshan, vice president of Lingsi Microelectronics (Xiamen) Co., Ltd., recommends car-level wireless MCULE503x;

4. Yuan Yongsheng, deputy general manager and director of Shenzhen APT Microelectronics Co., Ltd., recommended the 64-bit dual-core universal MCUAPT32F706 based on RISC-V;

5. Zhao Jing, senior product manager of Saifang Technology, recommends the high-performance RISC-V visual processing platform Fang Jinghong 7110

6. Huang Qunhui, COO of Beijing Jingshi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., recommends the AI ​​vision chip CR182x based on RISC-V;

7. Zhang Lai, vice president of Chengdu Qiying Tailun Technology Co., Ltd., introduced the end-side intelligent voice dedicated AI chip CI1122;

8. Liu Zhanzhu, vice president of marketing of Boliu Intelligent Technology (Nanjing) Co., Ltd., recommends the multi-mode wireless connection intelligent voice SoCBL606P

9. Yang Qing, product line director of Wuhan Freesiling Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., introduced the first managed two-layer SoC switch chip Xuanyuan 1030M with integrated RISC-V processor;

10. Li Guan, deputy director of R&D of Shandong Dongfang Cun Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., recommends T690, a highly secure and reliable embedded network processor;

So many RISC-V processors are released in a concentrated manner, which is rare in China! It will certainly promote the local application of RISC-V open source instruction set chips! Stay tuned for our live reports and live broadcasts!

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