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Xiaomi will release the first self-developed charging chip Surging P1

Xiaomi will hold a new product launch conference on December 28. In addition to Xiaomi Mi 12, it will also release Xiaomi’s first self-developed charging chip and the third self-developed chip-the surging P1, which is the first to realize a 120W single-cell charging solution. This Xiaomi self-developed charging chip Surging P1 has gone through 18 months, and the four major R&D centers have worked together and cost more than 100 million yuan. Lei Jun said that at present, Xiaomi has launched three chips, S1/C1/P1. We will continue to increase R&D investment, and Xiaomi’s chips will move forward steadily one step at a time.

Xiaomi will release the first self-developed charging chip Surging P1

Surging P1 is also the 4:1 charging chip with the highest charging efficiency of Xiaomi, which is much higher than the traditional charge pump. It is also the most difficult challenge in the current design. It fills the gap in the 120W single-cell fast charging industry and perfectly solves the limited space and long battery life. The balance problem with high-power fast charging leads to a new direction for fast charging.

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