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Pickering launches PXIe version of PXI RF microwave switch module with frequency range from 3GHz to 67GHz

Pickering Interfaces, as a leading manufacturer of signal switches and simulation solutions for Electronic testing and verification, today announced that it will provide PXIe versions of products for all existing PXI RF and microwave products with frequencies of 3GHz and above. It also includes the newly released microwave multiplex switch module 40/42-785C series (PXI/PXIe) with the highest frequency of 67GHz, SP4T and SP6T.

Pickering implements the principle of continuity in product development and design, and launches many new and innovative products every year. So far, it has released more than 1,000 PXI products. The latest product is available in both PXI and PXIe versions. Because of the consistency of software and hardware functions between PXI and PXIe versions of products, Pickering can provide hundreds of PXI modules in PXIe versions, including 211 RF and microwave modules.

Pickering’s switch product manager Steve Edwards explained this: “PXI is still a very important platform. Compared with PXIe, PXI has lower requirements for system communication bandwidth. Pickering promises to provide 15 to 20 versions of products. Years of product support services. If test engineers need the PXIe version of a certain PXI product from Pickering, please contact us and we will speed up the launch of more PXIe products.”

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About Pickering Interfaces

Pickering Interfaces designs and produces modular signal switches and simulation products for electronic testing and verification. We provide the industry’s most comprehensive range of switching and simulation products for PXI, LXI and PCI applications. At the same time, we also provide supporting cable connections and connector accessories, diagnostic test tools and related software drivers created by our internal software team for these products.

Pickering’s products are specially used in various test systems all over the world, and are well-known worldwide for their outstanding reliability and quality. Pickering Interfaces has direct offices in many places around the world, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, France, the Czech Republic and China, and has agents in many countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia. At present, our business scope covers various electronic industries, such as automotive, aerospace and defense, energy, industry, communications, medical and semiconductor. For more information about our signal switches and simulation products and sales contacts, please visit

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