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ADI MEMS IMU helps Huace Pocket RTK to achieve high-efficiency and high-precision positioning

Beijing, China, June 3, 2020 — Analog Devices, Inc. (Nasdaq: ADI) announced that its high-precision IMU inertial navigation measurement unit has been applied to the new generation real-time kinematics (RTK) mobile receiver of Huace Navigation Company. The combined positioning method of satellite and inertial navigation realizes high-efficiency and high-precision positioning and measurement in any posture.

RTK mobile receivers are widely used in fields such as automatic driving, engineering surveying and conventional surveying and mapping. By receiving satellite signals and observation information from the reference station on the satellite, according to the principle of relative positioning, the three-dimensional coordinates of the rover station can be calculated in real time. At present, most RTK products on the market use geomagnetic solution method for inclination measurement, and this method is very susceptible to external environmental interference. Even with RTKs with inertial navigation, many of them are bulky, bulky, and susceptible to environmental temperature. The leading high-precision satellite navigation and positioning company Huace Navigation uses ADI’s high-precision IMU inertial navigation measurement unit in its latest pocket RTK, which can effectively solve these problems and achieve high-precision positioning with a wide range of ±60° in a complex environment. Portable RTK is more efficient and stable.

Zhang Jialin, project manager of Huace Navigation Company, said: “While achieving a small size, the new generation of RTK still integrates inertial navigation to improve operating methods, improve operating efficiency and positioning accuracy, thanks to ADI’s high-performance technology in the field of inertial navigation. And solutions. We are very happy to work with ADI to continue to develop more industry-leading products.”

The ADI inertial navigation measurement unit combines precision gyroscopes and accelerometers in a multi-axis manner. Even in extremely complex applications and dynamic environments, it can reliably detect and process multiple degrees of freedom information. These modular solutions include a complete factory Calibration, embedded compensation and sensor processing, as well as simple programmable interfaces, with excellent accuracy and stability, small size, low power consumption and other characteristics, is an ideal choice for high-precision positioning, navigation and other applications.

Tony Zarola, general manager of ADI’s Inertial MEMS and Sensor Technology Division, pointed out: “ADI has decades of deep accumulation in the field of inertial navigation measurement. Hourly temperature compensation correction has made a full range of measurement and compensation for the influence of zero point, sensitivity, cross sensitivity, motion acceleration and other parameters. The architecture, packaging and process design of the core sensor of the ADI inertial navigation measurement unit consider long-term stability. To escort the long-term reliability of users’ products.”

About Huace Navigation

Huace Navigation is committed to providing high-precision data collection and application solutions. It specializes in the research and development, production and sales of high-precision satellite navigation and positioning related software and hardware technology products. The main products include high-precision GNSS receivers, GIS data collectors, and marine Surveying and mapping products, 3D laser products, UAV remote sensing products and other data collection equipment, as well as displacement monitoring systems, agricultural machinery automatic navigation systems, digital construction, precision positioning service systems and other data application solutions.

About ADI

Analog Devices, Inc. is the world’s leading high-performance analog technology company dedicated to solving the most difficult engineering design challenges. Rely on outstanding detection, measurement, power supply, connection and interpretation technologies to build an intelligent bridge connecting the real world and the digital world, thereby helping customers re-understand the world around them. For details, please visit

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