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Huawei Receives “Outstanding” Certification for Technical Support from Technical Service Industry Association TSIA

Recently, at the “Technical Services World” annual conference held by the technical services industry association TSIA, Huawei Enterprise Services was awarded the “Outstanding” certification for technical support in the EMEA region (EMEA includes Europe, the Middle East, and Africa).

According to TSIA’s official evaluation, obtaining this “outstanding” certification means that Huawei’s technical support services in the EMEA region have reached the highest standards in the industry. The standard is jointly developed by more than 50 leading ICT technology service companies within the TSIA Association. Huawei needs to demonstrate to the judges more than 140 best practices in providing technical services to enterprise customers, and pass the on-site inspection of TSIA auditors.

“This year, we are very honored to announce that Huawei Enterprise Services has received the Outstanding Certification from TSIA in the field of technical support in the EMEA region,” said Thomas Pridham, TSIA Global SVP, at the awards ceremony. “In this certification, Huawei showed us the technical support service process, tools, platform, and operator skills. We believe that Huawei Enterprise Service is fully equipped to provide ‘outstanding’ technical support services to industry customers and partners. .”

Huawei Receives “Outstanding” Certification for Technical Support from Technical Service Industry Association TSIA

Figure: TSIA “Outstanding” certification

As the only technology service company in China to receive this certification, Huawei is well-deserved in terms of enterprise services. The Global Service Sharing Center (GSC) supports hotline, email, technical support website, mobile APP, social media (WeChat), B2B docking 6 channels of problem acceptance services, and has deployed 3 GSC (Global Service Centers) around the world, 5 RTAC (Regional Technical Support Center), 4 CTAC (National Technical Support Center), service acceptance in 17 languages, 7×24 TAC support service, and NBD (next business day) or hourly delivery of spare parts and on-site support services. Huawei has more than 1,000 spare parts warehouses, supporting spare parts service business in more than 170 countries/regions, of which major cities in 66 countries/regions can provide 4-hour service.

At the same time, the Middle East and Africa TAC, Asia Pacific TAC, and Eurasian TAC of Huawei Enterprise Services also won the “Support Personnel Excellence Center” certification at the conference. This is the industry’s affirmation of Huawei Enterprise Services’ continuous innovation and practice in global technical support personnel services and providing high-quality customer service experience. So far, Huawei’s after-sales technical support centers serving overseas markets (except China) have all been certified as “Support Personnel Excellence Centers”, providing consistent, high-quality technical support services to overseas customers.

Picture: TSIA Chairman and CEO JB Wood (right) and TSIA Global SVP Thomas Pridham (left) present a certificate to Hank Stokbroekx (middle), VP of Huawei Enterprise BG Enterprise Technical Services Department

Sun Maolu, President of the Enterprise Technical Service Department of Huawei Enterprise BG, said: “Focusing on customers and promoting the spirit of craftsmanship is our service philosophy. Satisfying customers is only the starting point of our services. In the past few years, Huawei has gradually established a trustworthy, Leading and innovative global technical support and network consulting service capabilities, providing consistent high-quality services for customers’ digital transformation. In the future, we will be committed to becoming the builder and escort of enterprise digital transformation, which is our constant Strategic positioning and strategic choices.”

Huawei’s enterprise technical support website (Support-E) was selected as one of the top ten technical support websites in the world for the first time in 2017. The number of registered users exceeds 1.7 million, and the average daily number of online users exceeds 100,000. 70% of technical problems can be solved by self-help through the online support platform; The corpus of the intelligent question answering knowledge base exceeds 50,000, and the problem solving rate reaches 80%. Enterprise service APP (English name HiKnow APP) has more than 100,000 registered users.

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