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Lexus to launch new electric SUV with DIRECT4 powertrain technology

According to foreign media reports, Lexus will launch a new electric SUV, the new car will be equipped with the company’s new “DIRECT4” powertrain technology.

On December 7, Lexus unveiled DIRECT4 drivetrain technology to power future electric vehicles. DIRECT4 precisely controls the drive torque of the front and rear electric motors and the braking force delivered to all four wheels. By automatically adjusting the balance of the front and rear wheel drive forces, the system can adjust the driving conditions according to the driver’s intentions, changing the driving experience, and allowing the car to maintain the optimal driving posture. The system uses front and rear Electronic axles, each equipped with a high-torque electric motor and propshaft, focusing on optimal drive force distribution. Since the motor is directly connected to the wheel via only one driveshaft, it operates without delay.

Lexus electrification chief engineer Takashi Watanabe and chief designer Koichi Suga introduced the all-new electric drivetrain. At the end of the conference, they announced that they will launch a new pure electric SUV. The company has not disclosed a production plan or timetable for the new car, but has previously said it will launch its first pure electric vehicle next year.

Like parent company Toyota, Lexus has been lagging behind when it comes to electrification. Just a few years ago, when Tesla dominated the electric luxury sedan and SUV segment with the Model S and Model X, Lexus chief Yoshihiro Sawa said: “Best electric vehicles are not ready for prime time.”

Lexus has long touted pure electric vehicles in its hybrid models. For now, however, Lexus seems to finally recognize the reality, and the company will change its attitude towards pure electric vehicles.

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