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The price of “Fitness Ring Adventure” is still soaring: about 1700 yuan

The hot fitness adventure game “Fitness Ring Adventure” on the Switch has been out of stock in Japan before. At present, the original price of this game on the domestic e-commerce Taobao platform is about 560 yuan, and the price continues to rise on Taobao. Most of them are around 1,700 yuan, and some businesses even soar to 1,900 yuan, which can be said to be a financial product.

The price of “Fitness Ring Adventure” is still soaring: about 1700 yuan

As Nintendo previously stated that the delivery of “Ring Fitness Adventure” will be delayed due to the impact of the pneumonia epidemic, the price of the game has continued to soar. The pre-booked version of “Fitness Ring Adventure” launched by some businesses will be 100-200 yuan lower than the spot, but nearly 1,500 yuan is still prohibitive.

At present, players who want to play this game still have to choose to buy carefully. If you are really hungry, you can choose Amazon to shop across the ocean on your own, but the delivery time may be particularly long.

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