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Sony encounters difficulties: the most core components of PS5 are difficult to produce

According to foreign media reports, Sony is having trouble securing the supply of DRAM and flash memory needed to produce the PS5 (PlayStation 5).

According to foreign media, the cost control of PS5 is not very good, and analysts believe that the final price of PS5 may be close to $470. And this has something to do with the component selection of the PS5. Foreign media said that Sony will vigorously optimize the cooling system of the PS5, and its cooling system is very expensive.

In addition, Sony is currently experiencing some difficulties in ensuring the supply of DRAM (dynamic random access memory) and flash memory (flash memory) required for the production of PS5.

According to previously exposed news, the new Sony PS5 will be equipped with AMD’s custom-made SoC chip, whose frequency will reach up to 3.2GHz, and the performance will be 4 times that of the original PS4. Sony is torn between PS5 pricing, a report says. Due to the recent scarcity of components, the PS5’s manufacturing cost has been pushed to $450, and it’s unlikely to maintain the same $399 starting price as the PS4 anyway.

The PS5 costs $450. If you adopt the same pricing strategy as the PS4, the starting price of $479 is more appropriate. If you don’t want to lose money, $499 is a more practical option.


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