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The disappearing Gionee will sell 3000+ patents at a low price, and the package price is only 1.72 million

On November 17, news came out of Gionee Mobile, which had been “disappearing” for a long time – 3000+ patents were packaged for auction, and the starting price was only 1.72 million yuan.

According to a document, at present, the total amount of unsecured claims under the name of “Shenzhen Gionee Communication Equipment Co., Ltd.” is 15.2 billion yuan, involving nearly 400 creditors. The auction was approved by the creditors through voting, covering a total of 3,279 domestic patents and 77 foreign-related patents under the name of Gionee.

According to the information of Ali Auction Network, the auction of a total of 3,356 patents has a starting price of only 1.7197 million yuan, a deposit of 170,000 yuan, and a single price increase of 10,000 yuan and its integer multiples.

Screenshot from Ali Auction Network

The information on the Ali Auction website shows that only 1 person has signed up for the auction that has ended so far (but 21 people “set reminders” and 2,340 people “watch”), and TA participated at around 5:00 p.m. on the 16th. Bid.

Gionee went bankrupt in December 2018, and it has been nearly 2 years. Gionee, which declared bankruptcy, has a debt of 17.3 billion yuan.

This is not the first time that Gionee has packaged and auctioned patents. The records of Alibaba Auctions show that as early as July 2019, Gionee packaged and auctioned 211 of its mobile phone appearance patents, with a starting price of only 21,100 yuan. In addition, there are many other assets being auctioned, and the subject matter is mainly vehicles.

Public information shows that up to now, Gionee has been involved in hundreds of civil and commercial litigation, arbitration and enforcement cases. Some assets under Gionee’s name have been mortgaged and pledged, and all assets have been seized by multiple rounds of preservation.

One of the larger lots was a Mercedes-Benz sedan under the name of Gionee that was auctioned in September 2019. The starting price was about 1.5 million yuan, and the final transaction price was 2.1 million yuan, which was higher than the 3,000+ patents in this auction. s price.

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