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When the official version of iOS 14.8.1 is released, how will fruit fans choose?

I believe that the fruit fans who have continued to pay attention to Mingmei Infinite should all know it. At present, Apple has launched the latest iOS15 version of the system, but Apple has not given up on the upgrade of the old version of the system. After all, many fruit fans still stay in the old version of the iOS system.

This is not the day after the official version of iOS 15.1 was released (October 27), Apple has pushed the iOS 14.8.1 system. In fact, it is mainly aimed at fruit fans who have not upgraded the iOS 15 system, and it is most worthwhile It is worth mentioning that this time Apple did not force Apple fans to upgrade to the iOS 15 system, which is conscientious.

It can be seen from the update page that the official version of iOS 14.8.1 has not upgraded any new features, mainly providing important security updates. The size of the update package is 403.2MB, and the updated version number is (18H107 ), so for those who have not upgraded the iOS 15 system, it is strongly recommended to upgrade to the latest iOS 14.8.1 to improve the security of the system.

You can update your iPhone by going into the Settings app, selecting General, and then selecting Software Update. Apple also launched the official version of iPadOS 14.8.1 for iPad users today.

It’s worth noting that iOS 14.8.1 has not been beta tested, so this is a surprise release for users. Apple’s update release notes simply say it “provides an important security update that is recommended for all users.”

In addition, it is worth mentioning today that Mingmei Infinite is also worth mentioning that this iOS 14.8.1 update, there is an obvious measure, that is, the fruit fans themselves choose whether to upgrade to the iOS 15 system. It can be upgraded to the iOS 15 option. It seems that this time Apple has a conscience and knows how to respect the choice of fruit fans.

Also, at the same time as the release of iOS 14.8.1, Apple released its security update notes, showing that the company fixes issues related to Audio, ColorSync, Continuity Camera, CoreGraphics, GPU Drivers, IOMobileFrameBuffer, Kernel, Sidecar, Status Bar, Voice Controls bugs related to WebKit.

Mainly some bug fixes.

Models primarily affected by these vulnerabilities include: iPhone 6s and newer, iPad Pro (all models), iPad Air 2 and newer, iPad 5th generation and newer, iPad mini 4 and newer, and iPod touch (7th generation).

Those who are old in the iOS 14.8 system can choose whether to update.

In any case, Apple is no longer mandatory for new version updates, and will also launch new versions for old users, which is undoubtedly a quite fruitful progress.

In addition, as for the new features of iOS 14.8.1, there is not much change at present. After all, the file size of this update is only more than 100 MB, and Apple just fixed some loopholes through this version. If fans want to experience the new content of the iOS system, the best way is to upgrade to iOS 15, which is quite different from iOS 14.

Just like the official version of iOS 15.1, this update has brought significant upgrades, whether it is the improvement of FaceTime video calls or the enhancement of the video recording format of the iPhone 13 series models, all of which provide fruit fans with more new features . In addition, iOS 15.1 also fixes some known issues, and the bugs that appeared on iOS 15 before have been resolved by Apple.


The first is that the new version of iOS 15.1 finally supports the simulcast sharing function. In Facetime videos, Apple videos, Apple Music and other supported app sharing content can be shared with friends, and everyone can perform playback and pause operations while watching videos.

In terms of cameras, the ProRes video format is officially supported on the iPhone 13 Pro series, and an automatic macro switch is provided at the same time, which finally avoids the embarrassment of automatically recognizing macro and switching cameras when taking pictures.

In other respects, Apple Wallet supports the COVID-19 vaccination card, which is of little use in China; the translation App system-wide translation supports Chinese Mandarin in Taiwan; it supports HomeKit temperature, air quality, and light brightness sensor reading triggers; shortcut commands are in Text can be added to images in a new preset action.

Next is the repair aspect. This time, the official version of iOS 15.1 has fixed the possibility of reporting that the storage space is full when importing photos or videos; fixed the weather not displaying the “My Location” temperature, and fixed the wrong Display of the animation background color; Audio playback pauses when screen is screened; fixed inability to detect available Wi-Fi; updated battery algorithm for iPhone 12 series.

On the iPad, in addition to the above-mentioned updates and fixes, the official version of iPadOS 15.1 officially added the live text function, which supports recognizing text in photos or cameras and can perform operations such as copy and paste (iPad with A12 bionic or above processor is required) .

Apple said that the newly released Airpods 3 requires the latest iOS 15.1, iPadOS 15.1, watchOS 8.1, and macOS Monterey systems to be used properly.

In fact, most of the updates of the official version of iOS 15.1 are bug fixes. The newly added functions such as ProRes are generally not used in China, and some are not even applicable. For example, the new crown vaccination card, Mingmei infinite hope that iOS new The added functions can be more localized and adapted so that domestic users can also use it.

Having said so much, what is the experience of the official version of iOS 15.1? Let’s see what users of various iPhone models have to say.

1. iPhone X users: It has been proved by countless practices that Apple is still the most efficient system. After the iPhone X was upgraded to iOS 15.1, the system experience took off and the heat was improved.

2. iPhone XR users: It seems the best version so far, with excellent smoothness, and my iPhone XR can fight for another three years.

3. iPhone 13 Pro users: Why do I limit the CPU frequency after the update, up to 2500, and it will return to 3200 after restarting, I don’t know if it will limit the frequency after a few hours, and limit the frequency to 2000 when brushing Weibo all fall.

4. iPhone 13 Pro users: It is not recommended to update! Since iOS15.0.2, the battery life of these two versions has decreased significantly, and the power failure is fast.

5. iPhone 11 users: The last few versions of iOS have always had a problem: WiFi is obviously normal, but occasionally a prompt pops up on the screen, saying that the current WiFi is not connected to the Internet, and asks if you want to switch.

6. iPhone 8 Plus users: After the upgrade, I deliberately played two games. It feels much smoother than before, and the fever has also improved. It is the kind of improvement that can be clearly perceived. It is recommended to upgrade.

7. iPhone 12 Pro Max users: Since the new iOS15 system was updated, the battery health has been updated once. The first time I updated the 15.0 system, it became 98, and then it was updated once, and it dropped to 97, and now it has dropped to 96.

8. iPhone 13 users: iOS 15.0.2 feels more power-hungry. After updating iOS 15.1, it feels a little more power-saving? I don’t know if it’s an illusion. Watching videos is slower than before, so cool .

Fortunately, many fruit fans have reported that although the iOS 15 system was really not very easy to use at the beginning, various problems often occurred, and even the latest iPhone 13 could not be controlled, but with the arrival of iOS 15.1, it is a big problem. Most of the problems have been solved, and the experience has become better after the upgrade, so there is no need to worry at all.

It can be seen that now fruit fans choose iOS 15.1, perhaps more wisely than iOS 14.8.1, after all, it is a new generation of iOS system, whether it is functional or security, it is definitely more perfect. Of course, the official version of iOS 15.1 has just been released. If users dare not try it, they can continue to wait and see, and it is not impossible to upgrade in the future.

In addition, regarding the upgrade suggestion of the iOS 15 system, Mingmei has shared it with you in the official version of iOS 15.1 yesterday. It is recommended that iPhone 13 users and users who have upgraded the iOS 15 system can upgrade to the latest version. The official version of iOS 15, if users of iPhone X and below models have not upgraded to iOS 15, it is not recommended to upgrade. Furthermore, you can also choose to upgrade to the official version of iOS 14.8.1.

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