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New appearance! At the 10th China Electronic Information Expo, the mystery of massive “dry goods” has been unveiled!

Entering the home, smart home provides families with complete smart home solutions; stepping into the parking lot, new energy and smart cars have become an important part; entering the industrial field, artificial intelligence, robotics, big data, e-sports, Information security and integrated circuits…The development of the Electronic information industry is changing our daily lives, becoming an important force driving industrial reforms and driving economic and social development.

The China Electronic Information Expo is known all over the world for gathering cutting-edge achievements in the development of the electronic information industry, and focusing on displaying the latest products and technologies of the global electronic information industry. In the face of the new wave of industrial development, the 10th China Electronic Information Expo (CITE 2022) has been “striving for ten years. With the theme of “Creating the Future Smarter”, it demonstrates the demeanor of a national platform and continues to play the role of a vane of industrial technology innovation. It will be launched from April 9th ​​to 11th, 2022 in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center with 20 professional exhibition areas of nine major exhibition halls. A great achievement of the latest development of the electronic information industry in the intelligent age.

New appearance! At the 10th China Electronic Information Expo, the mystery of massive “dry goods” has been unveiled!

Highlights exhibition area

This year’s expo will focus on the application of information technology innovation, 5G industry chain, smart life, AIOT Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, smart driving technology applications, integrated circuits, big data storage and other hot sectors, focusing on eight strategic emerging industries and 20 strategic emerging industries The cluster will plan the overall exhibition area, and will also focus on creating a “specialized, special new” area and related series of activities to further enhance the marketization, specialization, internationalization, high-end and branding of the Expo.

It is reported that CITE2022 will plan CITE theme pavilion, new Display and application pavilion, meta-universe and virtual reality technology pavilion, new generation information and communication industry cluster pavilion, electronic digital life pavilion, big data cloud computing pavilion, Internet of Things innovation application pavilion, car There are nine exhibition halls, namely the Networking Technology Hall and the Basic Electronics Hall, with an exhibition area of ​​more than 100,000 square meters.

There will be more than 1,800 leading companies in the new generation of electronic information industry chain around the world to showcase cutting-edge technologies and latest products related to new industrial revolutions such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing big data, 5G applications, Internet of Everything, carbon peaking and carbon neutrality. .

New appearance! At the 10th China Electronic Information Expo, the mystery of massive “dry goods” has been unveiled!

High-end forum

During the same period of the expo, relying on the latest achievements of the electronic information industry in 2022, it will further expand the influence of the opening forum of the China Electronics Information Expo, enrich the content of high-end and high-quality activities, and strengthen the characteristics of the opening forum.

In addition, CITE will also create a series of high-end forum activities centering on the six areas of “5G+ Industry Application”, “Digital Life”, “Information Technology Application”, “Big Data Application”, “Ultra HD Display Technology”, and “Integrated Circuit”. Grasp the development trend of the industry, focus on the key areas of the industry and the display of emerging technologies, and access more business market dynamic information and platform dialogue opportunities. Parallel forum activities include more than 100 theme conferences and professional activities, and more than 1,500 speakers, experts and scholars participated in CITE2022 key forum activities during the same period.

At the expo site, there will also be a dedicated area for the display of electronic information technology achievements. Covering various universities, research institutions, industry associations and other scientific research units, release the latest technological achievements on the spot, set up a docking area for industrial investment and service institutions, so that more companies can understand and match professional investment, financing and various social services, and Industry enterprises realize deeper interactive communication.

Special Events

Next year is the tenth year of the China Electronic Information Expo. The organizing committee will specially create a series of commemorative activities around “Ten Years of Witness and Renew Glory”. A top-notch event with high specifications, high level and high attention. At the same time, we will hold professional ceremonies such as the fashion digital night blessed by high-tech elements, the association of 100 electronic information industry associations, the industry report conference, etc., and the video of well-known entrepreneurs will help out, the booth Douyin live broadcast, the Internet celebrity call, etc. Form, to create a higher degree of integration and interaction between exhibitors and fans of the e-Expo.

Make full use of CITE2022 applet, web port, AR/VR and other display platforms to integrate interactive technology into the traditional commercial display field, realize online and offline integration, and create a new experience of brand culture communication in the exhibition hall; there are also “decades of memory fragments, The story of me and the e-Expo, the blessings of the e-Expo, the praises of the circle of friends, the special flash card, the surprise draw, the 10th anniversary cocktail party, and many other trendy activities, present exhibitors and audiences with an infinite vitality and unstoppable Unprecedented event.

We all know each other, CITE2022 looks forward to the participation of all colleagues in the electronic information industry!

New appearance! At the 10th China Electronic Information Expo, the mystery of massive “dry goods” has been unveiled!

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