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In the era of digital intelligence, what is the “troika” that drives the transformation and upgrading of enterprises?

The development of new technologies such as big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and 5G has spawned new economic formats, and the digital economy has accelerated the pace of development. In March 2021, the 14th Five-Year Plan proposed that my country will vigorously develop the digital economy, deeply integrate the digital economy with the real economy, enable the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, give birth to new industries, new formats, and new models, and strengthen new engines for economic development. So as to build a digital China. This means that the development of the digital economy has entered a new stage, the development of new technologies requires continuous innovation, and the application of new technologies needs to be further promoted.

However, the application of new technologies is faced with multiple challenges such as scenario exploration and market application; and the digital and intelligent transformation and upgrading of enterprises still have difficulties such as lag in new technologies and high computing power costs; the innovation and development of new technologies still requires continuous efforts. Explore and research to overcome the pain points such as “stuck neck” of the underlying technology.

Recently, under the guidance of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology and the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Science and Technology, the special session “Digital Intelligence Transformation and Upgrading of Rubik’s Cube Big Data Series Forums” jointly organized by Data Ape and Shanghai Big Data Alliance ended in Shanghai. The theme of this conference is “Focusing on the Value of Digital Intelligence to Lead Industrial Change”. Government leaders, enterprises in related fields and investors gathered together to analyze the trends and laws of the development of the digital economy era in depth.

In the roundtable session of the forum, Qiu Fei, CMO and channel director of Simple Fee Control, served as the moderator, Wang Liqiang, vice president of Meichuang Technology and general manager of digital transformation business, Qin Yi, partner of Xingtuo Capital, and Wu Wu, vice president of Smart Software Xiao, the managing director of Kailian Capital and the president of the Industrial Research Institute, Tianyu, and Huang Jianping, the chief planner of the Wilson Dashi data platform, were the guests of the dialogue. With the theme of “Thinking”, he discussed in depth how new technologies represented by big data and artificial intelligence can be combined with application scenarios, innovative development of technologies, and hot issues related to capital and operation under the new digital economy. insights and opinions.

The greatest value of digital technology lies in commercial landing

The innovation and development of digital technology has always been the core driving force for realizing the digital and intelligent transformation of government and enterprises. At present, under the domestic and international dual circulation pattern, China’s economy has entered a new environment. Under the new environment, how to use digital technology to empower the digital and intelligent transformation of government and enterprises and promote the development of the digital economy is particularly important.

At the same time, this is also the core issue that the industry pays much attention to. At the beginning of the meeting, the host Qiu Fei took the lead in asking the dialogue guests: In the new social and industrial environment, how should new technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence be commercialized?

With regard to this thought-provoking question, the panelists expressed their views one after another, and they collided with sparks of thought while discussing.

“With the introduction of the carbon neutrality goal, the overall environment of the automobile industry has also changed. The rise of new energy vehicles has prompted industry iterations, which not only conform to the development plan of the green economy, but also conform to the car buying concept of the new generation of consumers. Consistent. Under the influence of new industries and new consumption, new development opportunities also come from this. Only by using digitalization, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies to promote product intelligence, can we better empower the green economy and improve consumption. Provide car products with better experience for users.” Huang Jianping said.

Wilson, where Huang Jianping is located, has long provided digital solutions and SaaS products for the upstream and downstream automotive industry chains and users. Facing the new development environment and new market demands, Wilson will continue to provide safe and stable big data and digital solutions. , and then promote the application of new technologies such as digitalization, big data, and AI in the automotive industry.

In fact, not only the automobile industry, but also in the digital age, companies and individuals inevitably need to follow the economic development of the times to improve their business level and quality. It is a great challenge for employees to provide intelligent services.

In this regard, Wu Xiao, vice president of Smart Software, said: “Data is an important element of social development, and software and tools for analyzing it are indispensable. Only by making technological innovations in these software and tools and promoting their application can it be achieved. To better serve the enterprise and its employees.”

According to Wu Xiao, Smart Software has successfully transformed traditional BI tools into intelligent BI through artificial intelligence technologies such as natural language processing and machine learning, and is committed to deepening BI tools into enterprises and employees, focusing on intelligent application scenarios to every a user. In providing BI analysis tools for enterprises, Wu Xiao said that Sematic has high requirements for technology. It is not only necessary for customers to use this tool well, but also to help customers establish a data culture and help customers transition from extensive management to refined operations.

At present, with the official implementation of the “Data Security Law” and the country’s definition of data as a factor of production, the demand for data security compliance has been further strengthened. Only by correctly and compliantly using the value of data can enterprises promote the soundness of the digital economy. developing. Wang Liqiang, vice president of Meichuang Technology, said, “The application of big data and AI technology is becoming more and more extensive. For massive data, traditional data processing methods can no longer meet the business needs of enterprises. The new big data technology can not only process massive data in real time. Completing agile business-assisted decision-making, it can also help enterprises complete process optimization and business improvement across business links through multi-source and complex data fusion innovation, thereby improving the operational efficiency of enterprises. However, as data security is increasingly valued, enterprises are When dealing with massive data, it is also necessary to pay more attention to data asset protection, protect important enterprise assets on the basis of meeting compliance, and make systematic preparations for continuous mining of the value of data assets.”

With the tenet of “focusing on data security and releasing data value”, Meichuang Technology mines and creates data value around data security, disaster recovery, data management and other aspects, and has provided enterprises with digital data in medical, financial, energy, manufacturing and other fields Technology and data security solutions to strengthen data security protection.

Capital promotes technology “full fire”

Technological innovation is the driving force behind the development of the digital economy, and it is also an important force supporting the digital transformation and upgrading of enterprises. However, in the process of digital and intelligent transformation and upgrading of enterprises, the power of capital cannot be ignored. With the help of capital, on the one hand, new technologies can be incubated, and companies can be listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board, ChiNext and other markets to obtain capital support, thereby accelerating the pace of development of enterprises; More high-tech talents or teams will join to promote technological innovation and promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises’ digital intelligence.

Founded in 2018, Beijing Xingtuo Investment Management Co., Ltd. (“Xingtuo Capital” for short), its founding team is from the top VC institutions in China, mainly for growth enterprises in the fields of new consumption and new technology. Beauty economy, healthy life, technology empowerment, etc. At present, the core team of Xingtuo Capital has invested and participated in nearly 100 projects, of which about 20% of the companies have successfully listed in the global capital market. In the short term, the projects invested by Xingtuo Capital have achieved considerable floating profits.

Compared with the technology itself, Qin Yi, as an investor, seems to be more willing to focus on practical applications. In this regard, Qin Yi said: “The purpose of technology is to help customers solve practical problems, so the research and development of technology must return to the ground, and then bring revenue to the enterprise, and the evaluation of the quality of technology should be based on feedback from customers and the market. An incremental process that requires validation.”

Another investor, Tianyu, is also convinced, “As an investor, the overall development profile of the company is a reference factor. For technology-oriented companies, we can empower the industry through open source and promote the digital and intelligent development of the industry. This is an ideal development model to promote the commercial implementation of technology.”

Founded in 2002 by Capitallink, where Tianyu is located, it has nearly 20 years of experience in asset management and investment fund management in domestic and international capital markets. Kailian Capital has RMB investment business and US dollar investment business. With the development of technology and economy, it helps Chinese enterprises to achieve rapid growth and connect with world economic activities by leveraging the capital market.

It is true that technology research and development is indispensable in the development process of enterprises, and the support of capital will promote the rapid development of technology. However, in addition to the need for capital support, my country still has gaps that need to be filled urgently in terms of technological innovation.

High-end talents ignite the engine of technological innovation

Although my country’s scientific research capabilities and technological innovation capabilities have made great progress in recent years, it is an indisputable fact that the innovation capabilities of key technologies such as chips are still insufficient. Whether it is in the scientific and technological circles or the industrial circles, this issue is “like a stick in the throat”. Why there are shortcomings in key core technologies such as chips in my country, and how to get rid of the adversity of technological “stuck neck”, the dialogue guests present expressed their opinions and offered suggestions.

“For the automotive industry, the technical difficulty lies in the lack of chips. The shortage of chips is also related to my country’s national economy and social development. Whether it is mobile phones, computers, autonomous driving, 5G and other technologies, it is inseparable from the support of chips. In essence, the lack is a lack of high-end talents and early R&D investment.” Huang Jianping said.

In the field of data security, Wang Liqiang also talked about the importance of talents, “Due to the lack of relevant talents, the application of privacy computing and related technical solutions is relatively poor. Only by vigorously cultivating talents who understand both technology and scenarios can the technology be successfully implemented. Therefore, the current “stuck neck” problem of technology is that on the one hand, cutting-edge technology theories cannot be implemented, and on the other hand, the engineering performance of combined scenarios is not good, and there is a certain gap with the needs of real scenarios.” The competition of enterprises is essentially In the competition of innovation ability, a key element of innovation ability is research and development, and research and development activities need to rely on core technical talents. Therefore, enterprises should attract high-end talents on a larger scale, in a wider field and at a higher level, form an “ecological circle” of talents gathering, generate a strong magnetic field effect of “gathering talents with talents”, and help to grasp and make breakthroughs in core technologies in a timely manner.

Wu Xiao has different views on the current pain points of enterprises at the technical level. Wu Xiao analyzed: “From the perspective of Sematic, including cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technologies, there are many partners in business scenarios, but companies in the industry are still relatively closed in the process of cooperation, so companies lack The open cooperation model can provide better services to customers only when enterprises are open to each other. However, there are still relatively few scenarios for cooperation, which limits the development of enterprises to a certain extent. I also call for open cooperation between enterprises. Build an ecosystem together and achieve a win-win future.”

Through the wonderful sharing of the guests, it can be seen that although the current technological innovation and research and development still have difficulties to overcome, with the continuous improvement of my country’s independent innovation capability, the application of new technologies will gradually expand. In the future development of enterprises, technology and capital should be combined to complement each other’s advantages while attracting high-end talents. Use the “troika” of technology, capital and talents to expand the market and improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise.

At the end of the meeting, the six dialogue guests expressed their good hopes for the innovative application of new technologies, and also expressed great expectations for the development of my country’s digital economy.

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