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After leaving Huawei, can Chu Qing lead Zhanrui into a new era?

“5G without AI is an empty ship, and AI without 5G is a stranded ship.” At this year’s IC China conference, Chu Qing kept breaking out golden sentences.

In the chip industry, Chu Qing is very famous, and some people in the industry even call him “immortal”.

On the one hand, Chu Qing has made great achievements in various fields such as communications, semiconductors and investment; on the other hand, because he is a low-key person, he rarely appeared in public in the early days, adding a sense of mystery.

This article will introduce Chu Qing, who is known as a “fairy” in the industry, and the paths he has traveled over the years.

Chu Qing, CEO of Ziguang Zhanrui (picture source: official website of the company)

Chu Qing’s departure and return

According to public information, Chu Qing was born in 1971. From 1989 to 1996, he obtained a bachelor’s and a master’s degree from Xi’an Jiaotong University, under the tutelage of Academician Zheng Nanning.

Chu Qing joined Huawei after graduating with a master’s degree in 1996. In 2000, just four years later, he became the head of Huawei’s wireless pre-research department. The pre-research department is known as the “clairvoyance” of research and development. To determine the future technology direction, it requires not only a strong technical foundation, but also a strategic development and judgment vision, which determines whether future technologies and products can be recognized by the market and the future of the company. fate.

At that time, Chu Qingshang, who was under 30 years old, could not decide the fate of Huawei. What he could decide was probably only his own choice, whether to choose to leave or choose to return again.

In October 2002, Chu Qing left Huawei and joined Huali Communications as CTO. He presided over the post-development and network access identification of my country’s first CDMA mobile phone with complete intellectual property rights.

In March 2003, Chu Qing chose to join Datang Mobile as deputy general manager and general manager of the terminal business department. In just one year, he completed the research and development of the first TD-SCDMA mobile phone and data terminal in China and released it globally. The first TD-SCDMA mobile phone chip solution.

In 2004, HiSilicon, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Huawei, was established. Chu Qing returned to Huawei and served as the director of the wireless product line of HiSilicon. He released China’s first WCDMA+GSM mobile phone chip solution, laying the foundation for the success of HiSilicon and later Kirin chips.

In 2009, Chu Qing served as the director of Huawei Incubation Center, focusing on investment, incubation and other projects, involving the development of many new business fields such as high-speed rail communication, Internet of Things, and new energy. During the period, he presided over the acquisition of NEUL, and was the main initiator and promoter of NB-IOT technical standards and industries. It has more than ten successful investment and M&A projects in countries including China, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Israel, and Singapore.

Around 2012, Chu Qing has become the director of HiSilicon’s strategy and business development department. The strategy department focuses on exploring future technology development directions, and also involves cooperation with surrounding companies, expansion and operation of contacts and resources. Here, Chu Qing has made important contributions to the development of HiSilicon’s chip business with his strategic vision, technical skills, and good communication and expression skills.

Around 2015, Chu Qing was promoted to the chief strategy officer of HiSilicon. The young man more than ten years ago has grown into a figure who can determine the fate of Huawei.

It can be seen that in the course of 20 years of practice, Chu Qing has become an industry and technology pioneer in many important fields of mobile communication and microelectronics, and is one of the main R&D leaders of China’s first mass-produced base station and the world’s first. The person in charge of a prototype of a broadband software radio base station, released China’s first mobile phone chip solution, released the world’s first TD-SCDMA mobile phone chip solution, and released China’s first WCDMA+GSM mobile phone chip solution.

In addition, Chu Qing also holds a number of international patents and is one of the main pioneers in the industrialization of international broadband software radio technology. He founded the Huawei incubator and is a pioneer in many business fields such as high-speed rail communication, Internet of Things, and new energy.

The Birth of “Xin Zhan Rui”

In December 2018, for Chu Qing, who was already in a high position in Huawei, leaving again was undoubtedly an important decision.

The news that Chu Qing joined Ziguang Group and served as the CEO of Ziguang Zhanrui made headlines one after another. Chu Qing ushered in a new turning point, and Zhanrui also ushered in a new journey.

The addition of Chu Qing brought earth-shaking changes to Zhanrui, and a “new Zhanrui” was born. Since the start of the reform in December last year, the entire company has undergone changes in management system, organizational structure, business strategy and other aspects.

Management system: Zhanrui not only introduced the best practices in the industry, but also attracted many management experts with successful management experience to join Zhanrui. On the one hand, with successful enterprises and entrepreneurs as teachers, on the other hand, on the basis of successful management system and industry best practices, gradually build a new management system;

Organizational structure: Zhanrui has changed the chaotic, loose and bureaucratic organizational structure and built a future-oriented functional organization. According to the needs of customers and the market, the organizational structure of Ziguang Zhanrui was reorganized, and the consumer electronics business management department, the industrial electronics business management department and the pan-connection business management department were established. business product line. It makes UNISOC’s business structure and organizational structure clearer, which is conducive to concentrating resources and strength to face different markets;

Business strategy: In order to improve the value content and the ability to create value for customers, Zhanrui has invested a lot of determination in this. The determination to gradually weed out the customer loss and reputational damage caused by low quality means that Zhanrui has to break with the mental state of the past.

In addition, in terms of the most important product architecture, Chu Qing led Zhanrui to keep up with the development trend of emerging technologies such as 5G and AI, actively seize market opportunities, and successively launched the “Makalu Self-developed 5G Communication Technology Platform”, “Ivy 510″ 5G baseband chips” and “Hu Ben series AI chips” and other products.

According to Chu Qing, in terms of 5G, Zhanrui will launch the Makalu 2.0 platform and the next-generation mobile phone SoC solution with high cost performance next year to help the rapid popularization of 5G terminals in the domestic and global markets; It is gradually developing towards the mid-to-high end, and vigorously develops the AI ​​industry through technological exploration and differentiated routes in the industry.

It is not difficult to see from Chu Qing’s resume that he has 23 years of working experience, covering from network, terminal, chip, to investment, strategy and many other links, and has very rich experience in communications, semiconductors, investment and financing. But facing the imminent commercial use of 5G and AI, it is foreseeable that the brighter the industry prospect is, the more intense the industry competition will be. In the face of strong enemies and the gap between technology and market share, Zhanrui’s way of attack will not be too much. easy.

However, relying on Chu Qing, who “understands technology, has strategy, and fine management”, caters to the needs of the current rapid development of Ziguang Group, and looks forward to creating more exciting stories.

After all, in the world of “immortals”, there is never a shortage of stories.

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