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BenQ EX2780Q Monitor Brightness/Color Temperature Uniformity Evaluation

In the previous article, the editor has evaluated the color gamut, color temperature/contrast consistency, and gamma curve of the BenQ EX2780Q monitor. This time, the editor will evaluate its brightness/color temperature uniformity to help you improve your understanding of it.

(Introduction to Test Items) The Starscream Color Corrector will divide the screen into 9 large areas, and the distribution test calculates the brightness and chromaticity coordinates of the screen when it is all white and all black, and finally draws a conclusion. After the test, the test report will Display the brightness and color difference values ​​of the 9 areas of the display under different grayscales. The denser the isolines appear, the worse the uniformity of brightness or color temperature.


BenQ EX2780Q Monitor Brightness/Color Temperature Uniformity Evaluation

In the D65 standard, the color temperature value of 6500K means that the color is more accurate, and it will not appear cold or warm. Through testing, we can see that the central part of this monitor (test area No. 5) is the closest to the D65 standard. The lower left corner of the screen (test area No. 7) has a large deviation, with a maximum deviation of 2.6.


In terms of brightness uniformity, the central part of this display (test area No. 5) has the highest brightness, reaching 133cd/m2. Its lower left corner (area 7) has a large brightness deviation, with a maximum difference of 14%.

The above is the evaluation of the brightness/color temperature uniformity of the BenQ EX2780Q display brought by the editor this time. In addition, if you want to know more about its actual performance in other aspects, you may continue to pay attention to more related evaluations brought by the editor later. Oh.

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