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Artificial intelligence will hit humans far faster than other innovations

Artificial intelligence experts and venture capitalists predict that automation will lead to major changes in the workforce.

Kai Fu Lee said in an interview with Colombian journalist Scott Pelley on 60 Minutes that he believes 40 percent of the world’s jobs will be replaced by robots that can automate tasks. He said both blue-collar and white-collar occupations would be affected, but he thought those who made a living by driving could be the most affected.

He said in the interview: “Drivers, truck drivers, anyone who makes a living by driving – their jobs will be disrupted more in 15-25 years. A lot of jobs that seem a bit complicated, like cooks, waiters, a lot of things will become automated.”

Kai-Fu Lee’s comments are not necessarily new. Many proponents of AI and automation believe they can fundamentally change the workforce. But many of them also believe that while some jobs may be affected, humans will find new opportunities around AI for new careers.

A growing number of critics — including Elon Musk, who has warned about the power of artificial intelligence — worry that automation could disrupt entire communities, disproportionately affecting low-income workers.

Still, many, including Kai-Fu Lee, believe AI and its impact on society will not slow down. He compares artificial intelligence to major innovations in history, such as the steam engine and electricity, arguing that humans have been affected and have “overcome it.” But he warned that AI and its effects will hit us far faster than other innovations.

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