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MVG launches SG Evo, greatly improving the test speed and accuracy of the SG multi-probe system

Wireless connectivity testing specialist MVG has announced the launch of the SG Evo. This is a multi-probe spherical near-field antenna measurement system, which is mainly used for heavy-duty measured equipment and high-precision applications in satellite communications, telecommunications, aerospace and other fields.


SG Evo innovations improve the speed and accuracy of testing with the MVG SG system. The new system incorporates oversampling positioning in the arch bridge, eliminating the need to tilt the device under test while oversampling, thus avoiding the gravitational deflection of the device under test and the azimuth locator even when testing heavy equipment under test. In addition, the SG Evo can be configured with multiple receivers in parallel, which greatly reduces measurement time, especially when testing devices with a large number of frequencies or with many potential antenna beam states.

The SG Evo also has a modular design scheme for flexible construction. Probe array arches and positioner modules can be sized based on the typical size and weight of the device under test, and multiple sets of probes can be selected based on the frequency under test (400 MHz to 30 GHz). The SG Evo is suitable for a wide range of applications and is useful in all stages of testing, from initial prototype testing in R&D to final validation testing of fully integrated devices in production. Additionally, both passive antenna measurements and OTA testing are available for the SG Evo.

Philippe Garreau, CEO of MVG, said: “The oversampling of the array arch in the SG Evo is a new patented technology from MVG that is designed to reduce movement of the device under test to improve the speed and accuracy of test results. We are delighted See how it will add value to customer innovation.”

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