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Does OnePlus 8 Pro camera have perspective function?Official urgent apology: the new plan will be pushed out within a week

On May 20th, yesterday morning, in response to netizens’ reports that its mobile phone cameras may infringe on privacy and were used for illegal purposes, OnePlus issued an urgent response to the issue, apologizing for the concerns that the controversy caused on social networks, and promised within a week Users are prohibited from using related functions within the time period through software upgrades.

OnePlus said that when planning the filter lens of OnePlus 8 Pro, it hopes to use this lens to perceive infrared light and provide users with a unique texture of photography style effects. But recently, according to user feedback, the company found that under very specific environmental conditions, the filter lens may have a slight perspective effect on special materials at very close distances.

It is understood that one of the cameras of the OnePlus 8 Pro is a special filter camera, which mainly uses infrared photography to achieve the “autumn” environment that the OnePlus 8 Pro wants to create, presenting autumn tones and obtaining high-contrast pictures.

In the apology, OnePlus officially stated that OnePlus has always put user privacy in a very important position. In order to prevent possible extreme situations from affecting user privacy and eliminate everyone’s concerns, OnePlus decided to upgrade the software. Temporarily disable the filter function, OnePlus will complete the push within a week.

For some users who like the “Autumn Intent” filter, OnePlus said that it will adopt new technical solutions in the near future and relaunch the filter function after eliminating the problems that users worry about.

At present, there are many descriptions about the perspective ability of this lens on Weibo that are not in accordance with the facts. For the false pictures on Weibo, malicious public opinion guidance and personal attacks on OnePlus users, the official will also take up the law. Weapons is the brand and user rights protection of OnePlus.

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