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12.7 billion yuan, the second phase of this integrated circuit IC chip packaging and testing project has started

Recently, the Ningbo Municipal Government Information Office held a special press conference on “Forge ahead with Ningbo Meteorological New”. The main leaders of various districts and counties (cities) introduced a number of “highlight projects”, including the IC chip packaging and testing project of Yongsi Microelectronics Integrated Circuit in Yuyao City. Phase II.

According to information released by Ningbo, the project is a key project in Ningbo. The total investment is 12.7 billion yuan, and the planned investment in 2021 is 700 million yuan. It is planned to build a new plant area of ​​about 353,000 square meters on more than 500 acres of land, and purchase automatic grinding machines, automatic placement machines and other equipment. Currently, the pile foundation construction is in progress.


△Source: Ningbo released

According to the plan, the project will start construction in March 2021 and be completed in September 2023. After the project is completed and put into production, it can form an annual output of 13 billion advanced packaging modules, and is expected to achieve annual sales of 16.5 billion yuan.

It is worth mentioning that, according to the Sino-Italian Ningbo Ecological Park reported on the signing date of the second phase of the Yongsi Microelectronics high-end integrated circuit IC packaging and testing project, the total investment of the project is 10 billion yuan, but the Ningbo SASAC announced in 2020. The article pointed out that the total investment of the second-phase project of Yongsi Electronics was 12 billion yuan. Now, the latest investment of this project has increased to 12.7 billion yuan. If the report is true, it means that the IC chip packaging and testing of Yongsi Microelectronics is true. The second phase of the project increased the capital by 2.7 billion yuan compared with the original plan.

According to the data, Yongxi Electronics is a semiconductor packaging and testing company, mainly engaged in the mid-to-high-end packaging and testing business of integrated circuits, smartphones, tablet computers, wearable electronics, Internet of Things, smart home, digital TV, security monitoring, 5G, artificial intelligence, Integrated circuit applications such as network communication, cloud computing, big data processing and storage are the main target markets.

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