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Measurement method of rim thickness wear of train running on-line

Measurement method of rim thickness wear of train running on-line

Off-line train and subway wheel rim thickness wear measurement can be used IPK5 hand-held laser train wheel rim profile measuring instrument, and this paper introduces the online running train rim thickness wear measurement. The following figure is a case of using a laser sensor, and two triangular reflection laser sensors can be used. When the train wheel rolls on the laser coaxial line of the two laser sensors, a laser beam from the right laser sensor sticks to the surface of the rail and shoots towards the measurement starting point of the wheel flange wear area, and ends when the train wheel leaves the measurement end point. The purple line is the measured wear area. The laser sensor on the left is the reference plane for measuring the rim, which eliminates the error caused by the left and right movement of the train wheel to the measuring laser sensor on the right. The left and right laser sensors can accurately measure the size of the thick wear area of ​​the wheel rim through differential operation.
1. The laser reflection triangular plane of the laser sensor on the right must be parallel to the plane of the rail and close to the plane of the rail, so that the wear area can be detected with maximum reliability;
2. The laser sensor on the left is the datum surface for measuring the rim. The dust and oil on the datum surface during field operation must be automatically removed by mechanical methods, otherwise errors will be caused. really has sensor feeds

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