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Intel’s three major IoT strategies lead the transformation of “Intelligent Internet of Everything”

Xiamen, October 17, 2019 – Today, the 2019 Intel Internet of Things Summit with the theme of “Knowing the Small and Seeing the Future” was held in Xiamen. At the meeting, Intel introduced its three-pillar strategy for the deployment of the Internet of Things, and described the efforts made in recent years to promote the deployment of the global Internet of Things from the edge to the cloud. At present, Intel is making full efforts in the field of IoT. With its leading technology and product portfolio and unique end-to-end solutions, Intel is creating a broad and diverse innovation ecosystem, working with partners to promote the integrated development of artificial intelligence and IoT, leading the way The industry revolution of “intelligent interconnection of all things”.

Thomas Lantzsch, senior vice president and general manager of the Internet of Things Group at Intel, delivered a keynote speech

Thomas Lantzsch, senior vice president and general manager of the Internet of Things Group at Intel, said: “Together, we are moving toward a new data-centric world in which industries are being reshaped and profoundly transformed, and ‘everything’ “Intelligent interconnection” is one of the most representative trends. In the field of Internet of Things, Intel’s strategy is very clear – with high-performance computing, edge empowerment, and visual (video) reasoning as the pillars, the general and seamless Software and developer experience run through it, continuously expand ecological cooperation, provide industry-wide solutions, and use this to drive one exciting IoT innovation practice after another.”

At present, the concept of data-centricity is constantly driving industry change. At the same time, with the rapid development of technologies such as artificial intelligence and 5G, the Internet of Things has ushered in an unprecedented period of strategic opportunities. Currently, Intel is actively promoting data-centric transformation. It is estimated that by 2024, the total global potential market size will exceed 300 billion US dollars; and of this, the Internet of Things will account for more than 59 billion US dollars, accounting for nearly five points one.

In the face of such a broad market prospect, Intel has made full efforts and focused on the nine sub-sectors of the Internet of Things: retail, industry, smart city and vision, transportation, public sector, education, medical care, automobile, and finance. , unique advantages in system design and developer experience, and cooperate with leading companies in various industries to face market challenges and solve outstanding problems faced by various industries in the process of digital transformation.

For a wide range of application scenarios in the nine fields of the Internet of Things, Intel has a series of leading technologies and product portfolios, including a full range of processors from Core, Atom to Xeon; Movidius Myriad X artificial intelligence acceleration chips, Intel OpenVINO Toolkits are the representative acceleration chips and software tools; in addition, dedicated chips such as Mobileye EyeQ series, and advanced technologies such as Intel FPGA are also providing strong support for the landing of the Internet of Things. At the same time, Intel is also working closely with the developer community, focusing on areas such as computer vision, networking, security, real-time control, and manageability to provide developers with better support and experience, thereby accelerating the development of IoT applications .

In the exploration of “intelligent interconnection of all things”, Intel believes that the combination of computer vision and artificial intelligence reasoning will become a “killer application” and bring new changes to the Internet of Things. The huge business opportunities and potentials that vision applications bring to the IoT industry are obvious, and at the same time, the surge in data volume and computing power demand caused by them have also put forward higher requirements for the current technological environment. Faced with this new challenge, Intel is pushing edge computing and strengthening workload integration to solve the problems faced in the exploration of the Internet of Things.

The theme of this year’s Intel IoT Summit is “Everything Matters”. On the road to data-centricity, every small change in technology-enabled traditional industries has great significance. Currently, Intel has worked with partners to create more than 150 Intel® IoT industry overall solutions, and has achieved more than 2,900 actual deployments.

In China, Intel’s IoT ecological cooperation is also solid and powerful. In the retail field, Intel is launching the Open Retail Initiative (ORI) to bring together the power of the whole industry to promote the exploration of smart retail; in the education field, Intel, with its leading end-to-end solutions for smart education and a series of educational programs, cooperates with partners Together with the education department, we are promoting China’s education informatization transformation process; in the industrial field, Intel’s leading technology of vision + AI is helping factories solve the problem of defect detection that has been troubled for many years; in the automotive field, Intel is working with more and more Chinese cooperation Partners carry out new explorations of smart cockpits and even software-defined cars.

Intel believes in and is working with partners to address prominent pain points in different industries with IoT technology. Looking into the future, Intel will look for more breakthrough points for win-win cooperation, further deepen cooperation with ecological partners, and jointly explore greater opportunities for the Internet of Things, so as to change and build a data-centric, intelligent and interconnected tomorrow.

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