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TUV Rheinland, Eyesafe, UnitedHealth and ZAGG to hold Blue Light Summit 2021

/PRNewswire/ — TUV Rheinland (“TUV Rheinland”), Eyesafe, UnitedHealthcare and ZAGG announced that they will hold the Blue Light Summit 2021 on September 29, 2021 (Beijing time). Due to the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s summit will be held online.

The summit will bring together major global consumer electronics brands, including Display product manufacturer BOE BOE, OLED TV display manufacturer LG Display, as well as Dell, Lenovo, HP, Acer, TCL Huaxing Optoelectronics, Longteng Optoelectronics, BenQ and other brands. Mexico’s 62nd President, Vicente Fox, will also urge global policymakers and technology industry leaders to speed up the implementation of low-blue light solutions to address issues such as blue light exposure from prolonged use of devices. In addition, Senator Richard Pan, Chairman of the California Senate Health Committee, author of the California Blu-ray Act, and Senator Frank Azor, Chief Architect of AMD Gaming Solutions and co-founder of the Alienware gaming platform, will deliver speeches.

The Blu-ray Summit is open to global consumer electronics brand and display manufacturer executives, ophthalmologists, health plan and retail executives, computer gaming and esports experts, and regulators and legislators to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on device usage, screen time and blue light The huge impact of exposure, and how their respective fields are addressing this global health challenge.

“UnitedHealthcare Vision is committed to helping our members and all consumers reduce blue light exposure by supporting the health of the populations we serve through employer-sponsored, personal and government health plans,” said UnitedHealthcare Vision CEO Officer John Ryan said, “Due to the global pandemic of the new crown epidemic, people are more dependent on Electronic devices when studying, working and connecting with others, and people of all ages are spending more and more time on electronic devices. Blue light blocking technology solutions are important for Protecting health is an integral part. We look forward to this year’s summit to drive the development of blue light mitigation strategies and provide a platform for consumers, employers and eye care professionals to communicate.”

“This year’s Blue Light Summit reflects a trend in which many leading manufacturers and consumer brands are placing great emphasis on the urgency of the blue light issue,” said Frank Holzmann, Global Vice President of Product Services at TUV Rheinland. The impact on health, the industry is at a critical time of change. Together with Eyesafe, we developed the Eyesafe display standard, and as an independent certification body, TUV Rheinland is committed to promoting blue light protection and eye health in electronic displays.”

“The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the retail and consumer electronics landscape, making people more aware of how much time they spend in front of a screen,” said Eyesafe CEO Justin Barrett. Consumers are increasingly aware of the dangers of blue light and are trying to meet the market demand for more low-blue light products. Therefore, this year’s Blue Light Summit will focus on the end users of these devices and understand the upstream situation of device manufacturers and consumer brands.”

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