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Good news! Tianjin Shuguang Government Cloud has passed the security assessment of the Central Cyberspace Administration of China

In recent years, with the rapid growth of the number of government applications on the cloud, information security has also become the focus of government units at all levels. A few days ago, the 2020 Party and Government Organs and Critical Information Infrastructure Cloud Service Security Forum hosted by the China Cybersecurity Review Technology and Certification Center was held in Beijing. The forum aims to implement the “Measures for Security Assessment of Cloud Computing Services” and promote the development of security assessment of cloud computing services.

At the meeting, it was announced that the Tianjin Shuguang government cloud platform passed the “enhanced level” evaluation of the cloud computing service security evaluation of the Central Cyberspace Administration of China. This signifies that the nationally produced cloud platform independently developed by Sugon can fully meet the high security requirements of cloud-based industries such as government affairs, and provide a solid and credible cloud support for the construction of Tianjin’s smart city and the digital transformation and upgrading of government and enterprises.

From the exploration to practice of “national production cloud”

With its more than ten years of industry experience in the field of government cloud services, Dawning Cloud has long been keenly aware of the development trend of “national production cloud”, and has gradually explored the “national production cloud” through the research and development of national production software and hardware systems.

Not long ago, Dawning Cloud released a new brand slogan “Because of Sugon (Dawning), so SAFE”, and upgraded the brand LOGO. The new LOGO image connects the cloud and the shield, conveying the service concept that Sugon hopes to connect all walks of life by providing users with safe and secure cloud services.

The new slogan “SAFE” not only represents the primary feature of Dawning Cloud – security, but also represents the four core values ​​that Dawning Cloud brings to users – “S” (Security) is a safe and reliable technology platform; “A” ( All-Stack) means a complete and comprehensive cloud product stack; “F” (Fast Delivery) means efficient and worry-free migration delivery; “E” (Eco-system) means a rich and mature application ecosystem.

At present, Dawning is upgrading many government and enterprise users to “secure and reliable city cloud”, and the Tianjin government cloud platform is one of the first upgrade units. The platform adopts Sugon’s national-made architecture infrastructure and cloud management platform to meet the requirements of the third-level national security level protection.

“Nationwide Production Cloud” Improves the Government’s Smart Governance Capability

The first batch of Tianjin Dawning government affairs cloud platform upgraded to Dawning national cloud government affairs cloud platform, its logical structure consists of infrastructure service layer, platform service layer, software service layer and business application layer. Services are divided into basic resource services, application support services, information security assurance system and operation assurance service system.

Under each logical architecture, Sugon adopts a consistent memory access architecture to meet the business needs of computing-intensive and high memory access latency, and supports the creation of cloud hosts with NUMA topology. The memory access performance is improved by 100%. The performance of the machine is increased by 27%.

It is understood that the Tianjin Municipal Government Cloud Service adopts the overall planning of “unified computer room, unified procurement, unified operation and maintenance, unified payment, and unified supervision”, and uses various mature technical means and functions to ensure the good operation of the government affairs cloud platform and meet business needs. need.

Under the protection of government affairs cloud platform management and standardization system and security system, Sugon Cloud has provided computing, storage, security and other cloud services on the government affairs extranet and the Internet for the business system platforms of Tianjin’s education, transportation, statistics, water affairs and other departments resources, realize the co-construction and sharing of infrastructure of government affairs departments at all levels, the intercommunication of information systems on the cloud, and the efficient coordination of business applications, providing strong support for government management and public services, improving the level of service for the people, and improving the government’s ability to manage intelligently.

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