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The single-circuit board Bluetooth Smart Arduino solution has low cost and can use Nordic Semiconductor’s integrated circuits

ChinaHongkongofBluetooth Smart(Bluetooth Smart) ArduinoProfessional manufacturerRedBearThe company claims that it has developed a compact solution for manufacturers and professional developers by eliminating the need for additional shielding plates, and the cost is onlyhavePreviously dual circuit board(two-board)Half of the solution,Not onlyBe able to program,andAnd can useNordic semiconductorofnRF8001connectIC, Via Bluetooth SmartReady (Bluetooth Smart Ready)Portable devices such as smartphones and tablets for wireless(over-the-air)renew.

Oslo, Norway2014year6moon4dayNordic Semiconductor ASA (OSE: NOD), a professional manufacturer of ultra-low power consumption (ULP) radio frequency (RF), announced that RedBear, a professional Arduino manufacturer in Hong Kong, China, has developed a single-circuit board Bluetooth based on Nordic nRF8001 connectivity IC (Connectivity IC) Smart (Bluetooth Smart) Arduino solution, named “Blend”. The solution can support over-the-air and on-the-fly updates via Bluetooth Smart Ready (Bluetooth Smart Ready) smartphones and tablets (using the bootloader supplied at the end of June) ).

The single-circuit board Bluetooth Smart Arduino solution has low cost and can use Nordic Semiconductor’s integrated circuits

RedBear said that by eliminating the need for an additional separate shielding board, the Blend has achieved a smaller size, and its cost is only half of the previous two-board Arduino Bluetooth Smart solution, and it is also more Simple and easier to use, this is because it does not require additional wiring or soldering, and designers do not even have to worry that the shielding board will not achieve the desired function and there will be potential troubleshooting.

The Blend board has been certified by ArduinoAtHeart, and has two dimensions: the miniature’Blend Micro’ (43.4 x 18.5 x 4.5mm) and the larger’Blend’ (77.2 x 58.4 x 20mm) with more functions. Both models are specially designed to allow Electronic product manufacturers (such as hobbyists and students) and professional developers (such as R&D engineers and product designers) to use the simplicity and flexibility of the Arduino open source platform to develop Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth Smart) products.

In addition, Blend and Blend Micro restore and support (no additional wiring required) all Nordic Semiconductor nRF8001 compatible reference designs (can be downloaded from the Nordic website, including Smart Remote and Smartphone Demo App development tools and Software development kit (including nRFgo Starter Kit, nRF8001 Development Kit, nRF8001 Software Development Kit (SDK) and nRFgo Studio).

The nRF8001 SDK contains many different application examples, including Human Interface Device (HID); Bluetooth low energy (Bluetooth low energy) Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter (UART); Heart Rate Monitor (HRM); Temperature and proximity applications.

Since its introduction in 2005, Arduino has become a very popular and cost-effective prototyping platform, allowing users to develop ideas and implement them quickly. This technology is sometimes referred to as “Linux for Embedded Microcontrollers” and is a series of hardware and software tools that enable engineers and non-engineers to develop various engineering solutions to meet a wide range of daily needs without having to participate in low Hierarchical embedded (such as C language) programming.

Chi-Hung Ma, CEO of RedBear, said: “The Arduino platform does not have any wireless functions embedded. Therefore, in the past, if manufacturers and developers wanted to add Bluetooth Smart to their products, they had to purchase an additional Bluetooth low energy. (Bluetooth low energy, BLE) shielding plate.”

Ma continued: “This means paying for the cost of dual circuit boards and providing additional space, and adding additional wiring, soldering, and the complexity of potential troubleshooting. In view of this, for manufacturers and developers, and For the education market, our single-circuit board Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth Smart) solution is a big step forward.”

Geir Langeland, Director of Sales and Marketing at Nordic Semiconductor, commented: “For many consumers, the popularity and increasing maturity of tablets and smartphones have allowed them to gradually replace traditional desktop computers and laptops. With Bluetooth Smart Ready (Bluetooth Smart Ready) wireless technology appears in most new devices and can support over-the-air on-the-fly updates. This trend is likely to begin to extend to the electronic product design community .”

The Micro Blend version is now available for ordering at the Arduino Store (, and users can watch the demonstration videos of iOS and Android applications at

aboutRedBear Company Ltd

About Bluetooth Low Energy(Bluetooth low energy)Bluetooth Smart(Bluetooth Smart)And Bluetooth SmartReady (Bluetooth Smart Ready)


aboutNordic Semiconductor ASA

NordicSemiconductor (‘Nordic’) is a fabless semiconductor company that specializes in ultra-low power consumption (ULP) short distances in the industrial, scientific, and medical (ISM) frequency bands at 2.4GHz without a license and frequencies below 1 GHz Wireless Communication Technology. Nordic is publicly listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange in Norway (trading symbol: NOD).

Nordic’s ultra-low-power wireless solutions allow customers to integrate wireless connections into a variety of products, including mainstream consumer products such as radio frequency remote controls, to the most advanced and innovative wireless devices. And the price meets or exceeds the expectations of end users. Nordic designs and manufactures four product series, including support for 2.4GHz exclusive, ANT orBluetooth® (Bluetooth) Universal silicon architecture of low-power RF software protocol nRF51 series 2.4GHz ultra-low-power RF system-on-chip (SoC); nRF24L series 2.4GHz RF system-on-chip (SoC); nRF24AP2 series ANT connectivity chip; and μBlue™ series Bluetooth Low-power IC. In addition, Nordic also provides nRF2460 audio stream ICs and series products with frequencies below 1GHz, which are ideal solutions for long-distance industrial, home automation and wireless monitoring applications.

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