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Task No. 1: 10 CIO Challenge Predictions

As the leader of enterprise digital transformation and the manager of digital infrastructure, in this turbulent era full of uncertainty, the number one task of CIO is to create a more resilient, agile and technologically adaptable future enterprise.

IDC’s latest global CIO agenda forecast report “IDC FutureScape: Worldwide CIO Agenda 2021 Predictions” shows that CIOs are facing unprecedented challenges, and senior IT leaders, including CIOs, must take specific actions to build a secure and resilient enterprise and help enterprises in Reborn from the ashes of pandemic and turbulent situations and ensure continued growth and success in the future.

In the report, IDC predicts top ten challenges and key actions for CIOs in the coming years, most of which are closely related to the development trend of enterprise cybersecurity:

  Prediction 1 – AI Operations(AIOPS): By 2022, in the face of rapid change, 65% of CIOs will digitally empower frontline workers with data, artificial intelligence and security to improve frontline productivity, adaptability and decision-making.

 Prediction 2 – Risk Escalation: By 2021, 30% of CIOs will fail to protect their business credibility, the foundation of customer confidence, due to inability to find adaptive ways to deal with escalating cyberattacks, volatility, trade wars and sudden closures.

 Prediction 3 – Technical Debt: By 2023, the technical debt accumulated by the COVID-19 pandemic will leave 70% of CIOs mired in the quagmire, causing financial stress, dragging down IT agility and a “forced march” migration to the cloud.

  Prediction 4 – The changing role of the CIO: By 2023, as the global crisis spreads and the enterprise digital infrastructure evolves into a “business operating system”, 75% of CIOs will become more important and integral to business decision-making, with primary responsibilities ranging from ensuring business continuity Sexual movement towards the redefinition of digital business core decision-making.

  Prediction 5 – Automation: To safeguard and support a secure distributed work environment, by 2024, 50% of CIOs will accelerate the deployment of robotics, automation and augmentation technologies, making change management a priority.

  Prediction 6 – Dances with Wolves: By 2023, CIO-led offensive and defensive centers will be permanent in 65 percent of enterprises, with a focus on leveraging digital infrastructure to increase enterprise resilience and provide flexible funding for diverse scenarios.

  Prediction 7 – User Experience: By 2025, 80% of CIOs will deploy intelligent capabilities to sense, learn and predict changing customer behavior to deliver exclusive customer experiences for user interaction and loyalty.

Prediction 8 – Low/No Code: By 2025, 60% of CIOs will implement governance of low/no-code tools to improve IT and business productivity, help line-of-business developers meet unpredictable demands, and innovate at the enterprise edge.

  Prediction 9 – Control Systems: By 2025, 65% of CIOs will implement ecosystem, application and infrastructure control systems based on interoperability, flexibility, scalability, portability and timeliness.

  Prediction 10 – Compliance: By 2024, 75% of CIOs will be given new responsibilities to manage operational health, benefits and employee location data, and achieve health, safety and tax compliance.

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With the deepening of digital transformation of enterprises, the responsibilities, missions, challenges and roles of CIOs will undergo dramatic changes in the next few years. Each of IDC’s top ten CIO challenges/important forecasts is inextricably linked to network security. At the same time, it is also a new opportunity and challenge for network security enterprises. In short, network security is the biggest challenge for CIOs in the next five years. At the same time, for the ultimate goal of CIOs: building a resilient + agile enterprise, network security is half of the future performance of CIOs.

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