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Semiconductor chip shortage forces Volkswagen to cut production capacity across borders

The problem of semiconductor chip shortages is getting worse, and the impact has seriously affected the automotive industry. According to Reuters, Germany’s Volkswagen said on the 18th that the company is facing a shortage of semiconductor chips, and in response, Volkswagen will have to adjust its production plans at its factories in China, North America and Europe. At the same time, the auto industry has been hit hard by the sharp reduction in travel caused by the global new crown epidemic.

Volkswagen said that at present, the auto industry has been recovering rapidly, and automakers including Volkswagen are facing a shortage of semiconductor chip components, resulting in limited production capacity. Affected models include Volkswagen, Skoda, SEAT, and Audi.

“We are now clearly feeling the impact of reduced global semiconductor supply,” said Murat Aksel, Volkswagen’s board member responsible for overseas sourcing. Volkswagen responded to the chip shortage earlier this month, when it said it was only a temporary situation. But now, Volkswagen has officially acknowledged the fact that there is a shortage of semiconductor chips.

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