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Absen provides excellent LED display solutions for Kaisa Prosperity

/PRNewswire/ — China’s large real estate developer Kaisa Prosperity Group fully released its newly developed property – Guangzhou Baiyun· The potential of Kaisa City Plaza. Leading LED Display manufacturer Absen has teamed up with Jiake Smart, which is experienced in providing advanced smart solutions, to customize a complete set of stunning LED solutions for the new property.

Several Absen LED displays with stunning effects were installed inside and outside the sales center of Guangzhou Baiyun·Kaisa City Plaza, including a customized naked-eye 3D stereoscopic outdoor display, a tailor-made immersive CAVE theater, and a seamless surface. The spliced ​​LED video wall and four LED canopies above the lobby in the building.

Glasses-free 3D stereoscopic outdoor display

This customized trapezoidal LED screen with a total area of ​​274.89 square meters is inlaid on the exterior wall of the building and integrated with the entire building. By presenting creative 3D content, the display transforms the entire building into a unique landmark combining art and technology.

Absen GS5.9 Plus, with a total area of ​​274.89 square meters

Interactive LED Curtain Wall + Hall Strip LED Canopy

After entering the sales center, visitors will be shocked by the creative strip-shaped LED canopy and large-scale LED curtain wall installed above the ceiling of the building. Kaisa’s beautiful pictures and short commercials are displayed on the big screen, showing the group’s real estate information. Visually intertwined, the colorful LED canopy displays various content such as flower pictures, creating a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

LED Display CAVE Cinema

After successfully delivering multiple LED display CAVE cinema solutions, Absen was able to confidently install a 720°CAVE cinema for Guangzhou Baiyun·Kaisa City Plaza. The large LED interactive screen in the CAVE cinema forms an immersive space, where customers can broadcast creative and futuristic content and real estate advertisements to visitors, introducing the group’s residential and commercial real estate. The product used in this part is the Absen PL lite series.

When talking about this project, Qin Yi said: “We chose Absen because it is a listed company and recognized as an excellent LED display manufacturer, known in the industry for providing high-quality products. We cooperated with the Absen team. Close cooperation and invaluable support. The Absen team is very professional, pays great attention to detail and responds quickly throughout the project implementation. Especially for this project, the Absen team is fully committed to provide us with the perfect solution.”

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