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“China Core” was “stuck in the neck” again!Localization has the right time and the right place, why is it lacking people and people?

Core technology, the most important weapon of the country.

Not long after TSMC was forced to cut off its supply to Huawei, Inspur, a Chinese national brand currently ranked third in the server field, also suffered the same treatment. Industry giant Intel implemented a supply cut.

In fact, there are traces of restrictions from 5G communications to servers and high-performance computing. However, under the global fight against the “epidemic”, the United States seeks to use sanctions to prevent the supply of cutting-edge products and technology transfer, making domestic substitution an irreversible tide. Although it is not realistic for the semiconductor industry chain to be fully domestically produced, IP licensing, EDA software, equipment, materials, etc. are expected to play an important role in view of the many power points of domestic substitution. Among them, IP authorization is indispensable as the most upstream link. Its research and development are original, and it also reflects the country’s independent innovation capability in the important semiconductor application – integrated circuit (IC) industry. And a number of local enterprises have sprung up, quietly growing into the mainstay of localization.

time of day! IP localization is forced to Liangshan

my country’s IC design industry is in a period of rapid growth, and the growth of the IP industry is inseparable from the “watering” of the vigorous development of the design industry. In 2019, the scale of China’s IC design industry has exceeded 300 billion yuan, which has significantly driven the development of many domestic IP companies such as Innosilicon. However, we must face up to the fact that my country’s IP industry lacks natural genes, and the market is monopolized by overseas companies. The overall market size of the global semiconductor IP market in 2018 was US$4.9 billion, of which ARM was the absolute leader, accounting for 41% of the market share.

Since the ZTE incident in 2018, the alarm bell of my country’s core technology has been sounded. Since then, discussions about localized chips have started. Many experts called for strengthening independent research and development, mastering core technologies, and realizing the localization of chips as soon as possible. After all, it is only these links that make a difference to ensure the establishment of technological strategic deterrence.

IP is the most upstream node of the entire integrated circuit industry chain, with a long investment cycle, but it is the lifeblood and throat of this industry. Without a domestic IP chain that insists on independent innovation, China’s IC design will never change the situation of being stuck by foreign IP companies. Without paying attention to the design innovation and architectural innovation of chips, China’s IC design is likely to be big but not strong.

Great location! IP localization is ready

In 2014, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the “National Integrated Circuit Industry Development Promotion Outline”, proposing to organize the implementation of the application promotion plan for safe and reliable key software and hardware, and to promote the use of advanced technology, safe and reliable integration based on the principles of key breakthroughs, industry-specific deployment, and step-by-step implementation. Circuit, basic software and whole system.

In the field of intellectual property, a group of companies that invest in the research and development of self-controllable hybrid circuits and interface IP have gradually emerged. Innosilicon is one of the leaders. They have broken the foreign monopoly one after another and driven the “Chinese core” to continue to lead and surpass.

In fact, Innosilicon has developed a large number of domestic advanced IPs covering the world’s six major semiconductor process factories. From 0.18um to 28nm/22nm, to 16nm/14nm/12nm, and even 10nm/7nm, it can support mass production of high-end chips in one stop. The products not only have the mass production record of replacing similar foreign products, but also achieve global achievements in some fields. It was first released and surpassed, and was widely adopted by mainstream products of mainstream companies in the industry, which can fully guarantee the information security, versatility and differential customization of domestic chips, which is undoubtedly exciting.

Using Innosilicon’s one-stop high-security, high-reliability high-speed interface and hybrid circuit IP, the products of many well-known chip design companies at home and abroad have achieved market success. While meeting international general standards, Innosilicon IP can also be optimized for area and power consumption according to customer application scenarios, one-step turnkey and rapid integration, escorting the success of customer products throughout the process, and achieving differentiated competitive advantages in chips.

People and! IP localization needs to strengthen cooperation

The integrated circuit industry is a national strategic pillar industry. “China Chip” has achieved remarkable development recently, but it is even more necessary for the upstream and downstream industry chains to continue to strengthen exchanges, complement resources, and integrate development.

Behind the strengthening of industrial cooperation, the confidence and mutual trust of IP practitioners are essential. Some experts believe that domestic IP manufacturers have made great progress in technology in recent years, and even surpassed foreign manufacturers in some technical directions and sub-fields. Some experts also recognized that domestic IP manufacturers are comparable in the field of low-speed and low-process IP, and the field of high-speed hybrid circuit IP is also catching up.

In addition, for domestically produced software and hardware, many people will question “difficulty to use”. Ni Guangnan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, once said: “The development process of domestic software and hardware in the field of network information generally has to go through three stages of ‘unavailable – available – easy to use’. Therefore, it is necessary to give domestic self-developed software and hardware enough “trial and error” “Space is improved step by step, and the user experience will naturally improve. Another important reason for the ease of use of foreign software and hardware is the establishment of a mature ecosystem. Therefore, for domestic enterprises, only by grouping together for warmth and eclecticism can we achieve long-term development.

Innosilicon is based in China and supports the international R&D team in North America. For more than ten years, it has continued to create value through innovation. It has broken foreign monopoly many times, and has continuously launched the world’s first advanced products, which has strongly supported the domestic integrated circuit industry chain. Hundreds of millions of high-end chips are behind the core technology. At the same time, Innosilicon, as the mainstay of China’s IP industry, is bound to provide more and better intellectual property support for my country’s high-end integrated circuit industry chain. Under the domestic alternative tuyere, Innosilicon’s independent and controllable IP, chip customization and other services are efficiently empowering the high-end domestic ecological chain!

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