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GaN Systems’ GS-EVB-AUD-xx1-GS Audio Evaluation Board Now Available at Mouser to Help Develop High-Performance, Low-Cost Audio Systems

July 6, 2020 – Mouser Electronics, an Electronic components distributor focused on introducing new products and offering extensive inventory, is now stocking the new GS-EVB-AUD-xx1-GS audio evaluation board from GaN Systems. This high-efficiency evaluation board features a Class D amplifier and companion power supply, optimized for sound quality, thermal performance, cost, and size, providing an excellent reference design for developing low-cost, high-performance audio systems.

The GaN Systems GS-EVB-AUD-xx1-GS platform, available from Mouser Electronics, is sold separately as a Class D amplifier board (GS-EVB-AUD-AMP1-GS) or combined with a switch mode power supply (SMPS) board (GS- EVB-AUD-BUNDLE1-GS) bundled. This audio evaluation platform provides superior sound quality by increasing bandwidth and reducing total harmonic distortion. The integrated Class D amplifier features a dual, independent, bridged load design for easy expansion and adjustment. The versatile amplifier can be switched between open-loop and closed-loop designs, and DSP control is optimized for each configuration. The output power of the Class D amplifier is 75 W to 250 W, while the matching SMPS provides 400 W of output power and can be extended to 500 W. The SMPS also has split rail outputs and includes EMI/EMC filters.

Both the Class D amplifier and the SMPS board contain enhancement-mode high electron mobility transistors (E-HEMTs) from GaN Systems. The E-HEMT utilizes GaN Systems’ Island Technology® cell layout to reduce device size and cost, while delivering higher current and better performance than other GaN devices. The GaN Systems GS61008P used in the Class D amplifier is a bottom cooled 100 V, 90 A E-HEMT that can be easily driven directly from a variety of GaN drivers. The GaN Systems GS66506T used in the SMPS is a top-cooled 650 V, 22.5 A E-HEMT that is easily driven from standard PFC and LLC controllers. Both transistors offer fast switching, zero reverse recovery charge, and low output capacitance.

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