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Heavy! Telecom Unicom 5G centralized procurement started, 240,000 base stations, 20.5 billion!

On July 9, China Telecom and China Unicom released the 2021 5G SA construction project wireless master equipment (2.1G) joint centralized procurement project bidding announcement.

Device Type: 2.1GHz 5G Wireless Device

Quantity: 242,000

Limit amount: 20.532 billion

Winning bidders: 4

This centralized procurement project is for the 2.1G wireless main equipment required by China Telecom and China Unicom 5G SA construction project, with a total of about 242,000 stations, and the maximum bidding price is set at 20.532 billion yuan (excluding tax).

The announcement shows that in principle, the number of successful bidders is 4, and the top 4 winning bidders in the comprehensive score will win the bid. (Only 4 companies can win the bid, but 5 companies. Whoever wins the bid may not be what everyone cares about, who is out?)

Heavy! Telecom Unicom 5G centralized procurement started, 240,000 base stations, 20.5 billion!

On September 9, 2019, China Telecom and China Unicom signed a 5G co-construction and sharing cooperation agreement to jointly build a 5G access network nationwide, carry out the co-construction and sharing of the 5G life cycle, and realize a physical network. Two logical nets.

As of the end of April, the two parties have opened a total of 400,000 5G shared base stations, and the operating income growth of both parties is higher than the industry average, forming a new situation of mutual benefit and scientific development.

It is understood that according to the current scale of the base stations that have been built, the two parties will save a total investment of about 80 billion yuan, save electricity, tower rental and operation and maintenance costs by nearly 8 billion yuan per year, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 7 million tons per year. Governance goals for global carbon peaking and carbon neutrality.

The co-construction and sharing of 5G full-lifecycle networks by two super-large operators, China Telecom and China Unicom, is the first in the world, and there is no ready-made experience to follow. They have made a lot of innovations in management, technology, and operations. In terms of policy, in March this year, the Radio Administration of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued an announcement on the “Radio Frequency Technical Requirements for 5G Mobile Communication System Base Stations in the 2100MHz Band (Trial)”. This centralized procurement will promote the implementation of 5G network co-construction and sharing.

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