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Honor V30 series mobile phone is about to be released, will it become a 5G explosion product?

Honor President Zhao Ming revealed at the beginning of the month that Honor’s first 5G mobile phone, the Honor V30, will be released next month. A few days ago, media reports said that the Honor V30 series mobile phones have passed the 3C certification.

It seems that the Honor V30 series is not far from the official release date.

Honor V30 series network access information

According to the information exposed by the media, on the core processor, the V30 uses Huawei’s self-developed Kirin 990 5G integrated SoC chip. The chip is the industry’s first mass-produced 5G dual-mode and integrated mobile phone CPU with integrated baseband function. In addition, the AI ​​computing power is stronger, and it is at the industry-leading level in terms of energy consumption, heat generation, and key application performance.

In terms of battery life, the V30 has a 4000mAh large battery + 22.5W fast charge, while the V30 Pro has a 4200mAh large battery + 40W fast charge + 15W wireless charge; in terms of screen, the V30 is an LCD screen, and the V30 Pro is an OLED screen with a 90Hz refresh rate .

In terms of cameras, both the V30 and V30 Pro use a 32-megapixel front-facing lens, while the V30 Pro brings users dual front-facing cameras, raising the selfie experience to an unprecedented level. In terms of rear photography, the V30 rear is 60 million main camera + 16 million super wide-angle lens + 2 million macro 2.4cm lens + ToF lens, Honor V30 Pro rear is 60 million main camera + 20 million super wide-angle lens + 8 million telephoto + ToF lens .

Judging from the network access information, the Honor V30 series is very powerful in terms of configuration, camera experience and battery life.

There is also news that the Honor V30 only has a 4G version, and the V30 Pro has two versions, 4G and 5G, and I don’t know what the real situation is. Brother Xi actually hopes that the Honor V series, as Zhao Ming said, “is all 5G”, otherwise, Zhao Ming may “slip”.

Consumers have expectations for the new Honor V series

For a long time, consumers have paid less attention to the Honor V series mobile phones than the Honor digital series mobile phones. But this time is a little different.

There are two reasons for the difference. One is that Zhao Ming redefined the V series mobile phones not long ago, and the other is that the V30 series mobile phones are the first 5G mobile phones released by Honor, which has strong pointing significance.

On September 4, Zhao Ming said at the Honor 20S conference that Honor’s first 5G mobile phone will be the Vera series, named Honor Vera 30. The Honor Vera series is Honor’s pioneering technology. It will take 5G as an opportunity to create a technology benchmark in the 5G era. Zhao Ming also explained the new name of the Vera series: V is 5 in Roman numerals; era represents the pioneering era; V-era, symbolizes the 5G era, in the new Vera series, V represents 5G, E (Exellence) Represents excellent performance, R (Reliability) represents stability and reliability, and A represents AI/AR artificial intelligence.

At the key node of the switch from 4G to 5G, the V series mobile phones were repositioned, and the honor of the first 5G mobile phone was handed over to the new V series. Zhao Ming revealed his ambition to make the new V series a “popular model” in the market in the 5G era. undoubtedly.

Under Zhao Ming’s new definition, consumers are eager to see a different new V mobile phone. Will it be as 5G as Zhao Ming said? How is the overall performance? How is the price/performance ratio? What is the gold content of Pioneer Technology? Can the new V series live up to Zhao Ming’s expectations for it?

All these have made consumers look forward to the new Honor V series phones.

Will the Honor V30 series become a 5G explosion?

The configuration is probably all out, and consumers are full of expectations for the new Honor V series industry, so will the Honor V30 series become a 5G explosion?

According to data released by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, from January to September 2019, domestic 5G mobile phone shipments were 787,000 units. In other words, the current 5G mobile phone market has not yet started.

Brother Xi believes that there are two reasons for the current failure of 5G mobile phones. First, the current 5G network coverage is limited. Taking Beijing as an example, as the first 50 cities for 5G construction, its current network coverage is only concentrated in some central business districts. The realization of 5G coverage in the whole city of Beijing will not be realized until the end of December. Under such circumstances, consumers feel that they will not be able to use them for the time being, so it is better to wait until the network coverage is better before buying them. Second, the current 5G mobile phones are relatively expensive. For example, Samsung, Huawei vivo, Xiaomi, etc. launched earlier The price of 5G mobile phones is 5, 6,000 or even tens of thousands of yuan, and it is difficult to become the choice of most consumers.

Right now, consumers are both enthusiastic and indecisive about 5G. Brother Xi believes that although the release time of the V30 series is still far from the full coverage of the 5G network, it is also in much better condition than the previous 5G mobile phones. If the price is right, it is likely to be a hot seller.

Because the Honor V30 may be the first 5G terminal that integrates flagship configuration and dual-mode 5G, if its price can be around 3,500 yuan (within 3,500 for the entry-level model), it will become the most cost-effective 5G mobile phone. .

Brother Xi believes that such a V30 has the potential to become an “explosive model”.

Looking forward to the early release of the Honor V30!

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