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Huawei Ren Zhengfei: Just because the US oppresses us, we cannot stop learning from it

On June 26, Huawei Xinsheng Community released the “Speech of President Ren and the 2020 Gold Medal Employee Representatives Symposium”. Huawei founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei mentioned that life should be a step-by-step process, don’t be too ambitious, don’t give If you set goals that are too high, you may not be able to achieve them, and you will fail in your life.

An employee from the 2012 laboratory asked Ren Zhengfei, how does the company position scientists? Ren Zhengfei said that scientists, technological inventors, and engineering experts do not have strict boundaries. This is a conceptual problem. Don’t carry this burden on your back, think about who are scientists and who are technical experts… We all refer to it conceptually and do not distinguish between employees. They may be relatively strict in society, and they have strict standards to correspond to the status given to them by society and to enjoy state treatment. Are we “cooking” for ourselves, just the code to share the meal? Don’t care too much, don’t compare too much horizontally, just keep an eye on your own goals and the surrounding teams that need collaboration.

The employees from Tablet and PC PDU asked, because of the US sanctions, our business is very difficult. In the future, should we firmly go down the direction of localization? Ren Zhengfei said in this regard that China is a part of the world, so insisting on globalization also includes localization. We cannot be closed, but must be open. We still have to insist on learning from the United States, which has accumulated over a century of flexible mechanisms and is still much stronger than us in terms of science and technology. Science is the truth, and there is only one answer. Science and education are relatively simple. In this respect, the United States is strong, and its century-old foundation is relatively solid. We can’t just because the US oppresses us, we shouldn’t think it’s not a teacher, and if we don’t learn from the US, this will lead to autism.

The full text of the conversation is as follows:

Remarks by President Ren and the 2020 Gold Medal Employee Representative Symposium

May 8, 2021

Mr. Ren: In the process of exploring human history, we will find that everyone makes mistakes. A person who has no mistakes and is completely pure is actually “porcelain”, which can be broken when smashed. People often move forward in the process of fighting against mistakes. . You were rated as gold medal employees, but don’t carry the “burden” of gold medal employees, go home and hand over the gold medal to your family to hang up, forget it yourself, and continue to work hard. Don’t think that you are different from others, maybe you are the “successor” in the future.

In my opinion, life should be a step-by-step process, don’t be too ambitious, don’t set too high goals for yourself, you may not be able to achieve it, and you will fail in your life. Pierpont, the songwriter of “Jingle Bells”, has set too high goals for himself throughout his life, and he has never achieved it all his life. At the age of 87, he has achieved nothing. Later, when I went out for Christmas, I sat on a sleigh and hummed a song, but it became a very popular song. Therefore, everyone should not think that they are the successors, and thus carry a heavy burden on their backs. Let go of the burden of gold medals, just keep moving forward, and many things will come naturally.

1. Cheng (Human Resource Management Department): I am currently in charge of the company’s talent dam project. I am a veteran in the workplace, but also a newcomer to Huawei. I joined Huawei for two years, two months before “5.16”. I feel very honored to join the company at a critical moment.

Mr. Ren: I would like to congratulate you, you won the gold medal after only two years of employment. It’s amazing!

The most important thing for you is to bring external experience into Huawei, rectify the “guerrillas”, and let us gradually turn into a “regular army”. Because Huawei has been crossing the river by feeling the stones for more than 30 years and establishing its own system. Although we are learning from “cats”, we have not learned the same way. At least we can’t “climb up trees”. Now that you have brought professional experience, you will teach us “tigers” how to climb trees. In this way, after three or five years, we will have a stronger strategic position after we have overcome the difficult period.

Like leech rotifers, Huawei is a single-gene culture, which requires multi-gene conflict and multi-gene fusion to produce mutations. These mutations favor the burst of potential.

2. Feng (Group Finance): As soon as I joined the company, I went overseas and lived in Nigeria for eight years. I just returned to China this year to participate in the training of two types of CFO strategic reserve teams in finance and economics. May I ask Mr. Ren, what are the guiding requirements for our two types of CFO work?

Ren: Are you in Lagos? That is a very beautiful place.

Now our overseas policy is vertical promotion. Most of the outstanding students who graduated from finance, auditing and other majors at home and abroad have gone overseas to start as PFC, familiarize themselves with the company’s business through PFC, roll in the mud, take a hot bath, Outsiders become insiders. We financial people can’t just “spin the abacus”, we must understand business, not understanding business is called accounting, and understanding business is finance. We let a group of people with real talents and practical learning roll and climb out in practice, so that they will have the opportunity to take on some important responsibilities in the future. It is not appointed to study again, but fully charged and always ready. If you think you can be a small project CFO, do you dare to be a small project CEO? The CEO of a project is much more complex than the CFO. First of all, the CEO has to make plans. If the machines and equipment are not familiar with them, how can they make plans? Second, if you haven’t practiced it, and you don’t even know the working hour quota, how can you make a budget? Now that you understand planning, budgeting, and accounting, and can be a CFO, can you make an estimate? If these types are not very clear, then the ascending channel is narrow. After taking these baths, your abilities are greatly enhanced.

We implement the “Montgomery Plan” overseas, so that outstanding personnel can take the road of vertical promotion. Now, most of the backbones of new departments and new companies established by the company are selected overseas. For example, if a regional president is gone, a few should be added, and the positions of those who have been added should be added again, and a series of promotions will be made, so as to give young people a space for vertical growth. Some young people with great ambition and potential should go overseas as soon as possible.

Some people may have questions: “At present, the overseas market is not as good as the domestic market, why is the overseas treatment better than the domestic one?” This is to encourage young people to go. There are also people who misunderstand that “going to a hard country means living a hard life”, which is incorrect. For example, our South Sudan representative office has three Chinese employees, two large villas, basketball courts, swimming pools, cinemas, concert halls, coffee shops…all are equipped, and we will also speed up the implementation of overseas environmental improvement. Because the company stipulates that living in a hard country is to meet the living standards of the rich in Switzerland, and the working environment must meet European standards, so they completely separate life and work. The overseas office environment and living environment must meet a certain high standard. Hard work refers to spirituality. We must advocate and create a high-quality environment so that overseas employees can live and work more comfortably, openly and efficiently.

Why do we encourage our employees to go where they are the hardest? Not only the exercise of ideological will, but also the needs of business. Because the company will soon be cloudified, after cloudification, as long as there is a “front station” over there, our “cloud” can go there, so we can go abroad. Therefore, we must continue to strengthen our care for overseas employees and employees in difficult areas. The care is mainly to solve two problems: one is the problem of material conditions, and the other is the training and promotion opportunities for ideas and business.

Why does the couplet at the entrance of the Whampoa Military Academy read “Don’t enter this door for promotion and fortune”, while our slogan in Africa is “For promotion and fortune, please come to Africa”? Because the Whampoa Military Academy is deconstructing a society, it cannot create wealth by itself, so students are required to have a sense of mission, a spirit of struggle, and no material incentives. And we are now building a “new society”, creating wealth for the society and benefiting ourselves. At the same time, we have enough funds. Why should we not allow aspiring young people to get promoted and rich? And the domestic conditions are so good, in contrast, the safety and living security of employees and their families in difficult areas abroad should be improved. The entire overseas working and living environment must be properly improved to achieve a higher standard. Therefore, our outstanding young people must not only have a sense of mission, but also receive reasonable remuneration. We often emphasize the “Lei Feng spirit”, but we do not distribute value according to the Lei Feng spirit, but to get paid according to work. We just emphasize the spirit of “Lei Feng”, and the distribution is paid according to the contribution. Of course, our evaluation is not completely fair now, but we will gradually move towards fairness and hope that more people will make their own contributions in various positions.

3. Pei (Operator BG): I am a veteran of GTS. I have worked in the company for 16 years. I have worked as a project manager, which is the CEO of the small project you just mentioned. I just came back from the Philippines, what instructions do you have for our work?

Mr. Ren: Since you have been the CEO of small projects, you should still want to move up a bit in the future. Can you be the CFO of large projects and audit? You have to have these abilities. We have always emphasized that some people in the company should always do professional work, gradually move up, and make contributions to the company; and cadres should be familiar with multiple fields, otherwise they may make mistakes when making decisions. The U.S. military makes it clear that the highest non-commissioned officer is equal to the treatment of a lieutenant general.

4. Wu (manufacturing department): I come from the manufacturing department and am an employee of precision optical components. After “5.16”, our devices are also developing rapidly. Mr. Ren used the great wisdom of “paste” to bond the employees together, and we used glue to glue the small lenses together. Of course, our requirements It is nano-scale and micro-scale. I hope Mr. Ren can come to the scene to give us more guidance.

Mr. Ren: Technology is divided into science, technology and engineering. Science can only be discovered because it is an objective law, not something that can be created; technology is innovation, and a car is a technology, but there can be many kinds of cars; engineering is a field that pursues excellence. Do not confuse these three, three different routes, three different assessment methods.

Science, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. I once said in a discussion with a university: “In the history of science, there is a leech-shaped rotifer that has survived for 80 million years. It has experienced many disasters on the earth, and it is still alive. Why? How many scientists have studied for decades, and some scientists have He was on fire because he couldn’t find the male leech rotifer. In fact, he was on the brink of the Nobel Prize. Finally, a Belgian female scientist discovered that it is parthenogenesis. Bisexual reproduction, the two gene chains of Combination will produce mutations, and an excellent generation will be born.” Looking back at the history of 5,000 years, the emperors who can be prime ministers must be excellent people, but if the prime minister makes a mistake, he will often be wiped out of the nine clans, and the blood will not remain, in fact, it is Cut off this gene. Peasant uprisings, going into cities to kill the rich, and eradicating weeds, also do not leave genes behind. But now that we have opened up and reformed, we have found that many new things have emerged. This is the opening and reform, the introduction of a variety of cultural conflicts, and the mutation generated by the fusion of two genes, resulting in excellent results. Why does the single gene strand of the leech rotifer survive for 80 million years? If there is a disease or problem in the gene chain of single parent reproduction, won’t it be extinct if it is inherited? Scientists have found that the gene chain of leech rotifers will break and then reintegrate. Isn’t this the fusion of two genes to produce mutations, is it optimal? So they have survived 80 million years and many disasters. Huawei’s culture is a single gene chain, and there must be conflict to promote change. The voice community, cafes everywhere, the tenure of AT, the tenure system of the expert committee, the tenure system of the board of directors/supervisory board… all change the single gene inheritance. Prevent entropy increase, precipitation, and involution.

The engineering field needs to strive for perfection. This is not called involution. Involution occurs in places where excellence should not be carried out. Science can only make discoveries after making a lot of mistakes, and technological innovation will also have a lot of failures, but engineering, such as the construction of a bridge, cannot be innovated casually, so the bridge may easily collapse, and the engineering plan of the bridge has gone through thousands of Only after the second demonstration, did I dare to use this formula to design the bridge. Therefore, when you make optical-related devices, you should also follow this route, be solid and keep improving.

5. Fan (2012 Lab): You mentioned scientists just now. How does the company position scientists?

Ren: Scientists, technological inventors, and engineering experts, there are no strict boundaries in the company. This is a conceptual issue. Don’t carry this burden on your back, think about who are scientists and who are technical experts… We all refer to it conceptually and do not distinguish between employees. They may be relatively strict in society, and they have strict standards to correspond to the status given to them by society and to enjoy state treatment. Are we “cooking” for ourselves, just the code to share the meal? Don’t care too much, don’t compare too much horizontally, just keep an eye on your own goals and the surrounding teams that need collaboration.

6. Chen (Supply Chain Management Department): I come from the supply chain and have the honor to participate in some battles in the supply chain in the past two years. In the future, the supply chain business will become more and more complex and difficult. What do you think needs to be improved in the professional capabilities of the supply chain? Where are we heading?

Mr. Ren: The supply chain is complex, but it also has opportunities, because although it is complex, it does not mean that only our company is complex and others are not. For a company as big as ours, it would be unreasonable to sell things at such a high price if they were simply made. Therefore, we are not afraid of complexity, we must face reality to solve problems, and then create value. There is an opportunity to learn some systems engineering, overall planning, cybernetics…, which will be beneficial to your progress. The simplest reading materials are Hua Luogeng’s “Optimization Method” and “Co-ordination Study”.

7. Deng (Cloud and Computing BG): I am currently doing business related to Kunpeng. What guidance do you have for Kunpeng?

Mr. Ren: Just keep doing it unswervingly. It is impossible to do it halfway, how many partners will it hurt?

8. Xu (Consumer BG): I am an employee from Tablet and PC PDU. Due to the US sanctions, our business is very difficult. In the future, are we going to be firm in the direction of localization?

Ren: Is China part of the world? Yes. Therefore, we insist that globalization also includes localization. We cannot be closed, but must be open. We still have to insist on learning from the United States, which has accumulated over a century of flexible mechanisms and is still much stronger than us in terms of science and technology. I often see netizens asking on the Internet, is the United States mentioned by Chen Ping and the United States mentioned by Ren Zhengfei the same United States? Chen Ping is talking about social issues, and I am talking about scientific, educational and technological issues. Social problems are too complicated, and it is up to politicians to explain them; science is the truth, and there is only one answer, and science and education are relatively simple. In this respect, the United States is strong, and its century-old foundation is relatively solid. We can’t just because the US oppresses us, we shouldn’t think it’s not a teacher, and if we don’t learn from the US, this will lead to autism.

9. Yang (ICT Strategy and Marketing): I have been in the Xianggang project for more than a year. Our 5G ToB has entered many industries, but we currently lack the ability to consult and top-level design for the entire industry. The coal mining industry has established a legion. In other industries, how do we think about it?

Ren: The growth of any new technology requires a very long process. 5G is not a panacea, and development also requires a process. From the perspective of the information industry, it takes about 10 years for each new technology to develop and mature, which is much faster than the industrial revolution period. For example, it took decades from the invention of the train to the large-scale use of the train. time. The industrial revolution takes 60 years and the information revolution is basically 10 years. We have just entered this market, and its application value has yet to be reflected in the future, and its value has not been reflected so quickly in a short period of time.

10. Wu (Quality and Process IT Management Department): I come from Process IT. I have been serving the company in the past. Now we have formed a legion and want to go out. What is Mr. Ren’s expectation for this area?

Mr. Ren: For now, we should serve the interior honestly first. For example, the unification of internal IDs, if it is not strongly promoted, the internal IDs cannot be unified. Every time you log in to an internal platform, you need to re-enter the ID information. The unification of internal IDs is so difficult. If you want to go out, where do you go? To support our own internal development of IT, there are still many unresolved problems, why go out? Therefore, although process IT has done a good job in network security, we still need to do a good job of internal problems now, which is the main goal, and then consider how to go out of the system, not to go out blindly.

11. Han (Cloud and Computing BG): I come from data storage. In the past industrial society, we felt that the blood flowing in society was oil. In the future, the blood flowing in the information society is data, and storage is the bottom cornerstone of data. What do you think of storage?

Mr. Ren: I think that in the future, the data will become bigger and bigger, and there will be more and more difficulties. However, in terms of coordination established in the middle, Huawei is still a weak point, and the level is still very low. At present, the average utilization rate of our CPU is only 15%. Is there any ability to increase the utilization rate of CPU to 35%? In this way, customers do not need to spend more money to double their capabilities. Our computing power is to take the road of cluster computing, and it is a great responsibility to improve the role of each computing unit. Therefore, there must be good middleware.

Everyone should learn from the little birds. The mother bird flew back to the bird’s nest with the bugs in her mouth. So many little birds opened their mouths and waited to feed. How would it know which one has been fed and which one has not? This requires scheduling. Your data scheduling software can be done like a mother bird. Our coordinated middleware is done, each CPU gets even data, and the increase is 35%, so that customers can solve the problem without increasing investment, so how can they be dissatisfied? But in fact, we can’t do it yet.

Huawei has one of the biggest shortcomings. It has to use the best things and do the best things. For example, does the storage system used by the grocery shopping aunt need the best, and does it need to be made of quartz glass? unnecessary. Maybe after buying food and receiving money, the data will not be needed. Then, are our storage classified and different methods used for different customers to reduce the burden on customers? In the summary of my speech in the cloud, Xu Zhijun added a sentence: “Minimal structure, extremely low cost”, I added a few words “Minimal organizational structure, extremely simple, reliable and reasonable process, cadres and experts are extremely assessed. Simplify”, otherwise we cannot survive. Social competition, we cannot change ourselves, it will change our destiny.

12. Geng (Operator BG): I come from the operator BG MSSD. In the past year, we mainly made digital tools to support the operation of BCM business. What instructions and requirements do you have on digital expansion capabilities in the field of operators?

Mr. Ren: We still need to strengthen the construction of the foundation, because Huawei has transformed from a “guerrilla style” to a “local army” and has not yet become a “regular army”. You can see how strong the current regular army organization is, but we are not enough, mainly reflected in: first, the development tools are not unified; second, the code warehouse is not unified. In the past, most of the research and development were “feudal lords”, and some senior cadres were “bullshit”. The tools developed in this way are not uniform. As I said earlier, it is so difficult to unify internal IDs. If the company hadn’t forced several departments to unite for unification, the company would still be a loose organization like a “guerrilla”.

The old masters in the past would say: “One must be skillful in craftsmanship, and secondly, the tools must be ingenious.” Huawei doesn’t pay enough attention to the issue of tools, and we need to unify the “feudal lords”. Now the company documents have requirements, all cadres must pass the qualification examination, if they do not have this qualification, they must change their posts. It seems that 69% of the cadres in the software system have stepped down last year, which is not to say that they have all resigned, but have been transferred to other positions.

13. Li (Global Purchasing Certification Management Department): I am from the Production Purchasing Certification Department. Now the international environment has changed a lot, we have a lot of obstacles to contact with foreign suppliers, and it is getting more and more difficult, what advice do you have?

Mr. Ren: First of all, we must cooperate well and cooperate with others sincerely. The job is already difficult, there is no difficulty, why do you want to get such a high salary? If there are difficulties, it shows that we can do it, others can’t do it, and it shows our value.

No step forward in human society is easy. I suggest everyone to take a look at The Age of Awakening. In the early days of the founding of the Communist Party, Li Dazhao and Chen Duxiu took off their long gowns to promote the revolution and went to the workers and peasants to go to the factories to teach the workers literacy, improve their cultural level, and spread revolutionary principles. How many twists and turns we have gone through in the past hundred years. Such an important TV show, everyone must watch it. Thank you all and bye!

Reporting to: members of the board of directors, members of the board of supervisors

Main delivery: all employees

June 26, 2021

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