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Cao Dewang invests 10 billion yuan to build Fuyao University of Science and Technology

News on November 22, “Glass King” Cao Dewang has made important progress in preparing to build Fuyao University of Science and Technology (tentative name)!

The Fuzhou Municipal People’s Government and Heren Charity Foundation signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement on the construction of Fuyao University of Science and Technology, and the campus was finally located in Fuzhou High-tech Zone.

The school was established by the Heren Charitable Foundation founded by Cao Dewang, chairman of Fuyao Group, and plans to invest 10 billion yuan. The Fuzhou Municipal Government provides certain funds and construction management support, and conducts certain supervision over the school.

It is reported that the Heren Charity Foundation, funded and founded by Cao Dewang, is the first national non-public foundation established with financial assets (stocks) approved by the State Council in China, and it is also the largest charitable foundation in China by assets.

Cao Dewang said that Fuyao University of Science and Technology will learn from international advanced school-running concepts, explore innovative teaching methods, implement dislocation school-running, focus on high-end technical shortcomings in manufacturing such as material science, precision instruments and equipment, and Electronic information engineering, and scientifically set up professional disciplines. We will build a team of teachers with high standards, and support scientific research laboratories with high standards, and strive to build a new type of applied research-oriented high-level university.

The campus of Fuyao University of Science and Technology is located on Liuzhou Island, Nanyu Town, Fuzhou High-tech Zone, covering a total area of ​​about 1,286 mu.

According to reports, Fuyao University of Science and Technology will adhere to the school-running philosophy of high level, professionalism and internationalization, and explore a new university governance model formed by four committees, namely the Council, Academic Committee, Advisory Committee and Education Committee.

It is planned to build a discipline system with major engineering groups as the core, economic management disciplines as the auxiliary, and other general disciplines such as humanities and social sciences as the support;

Initially set up six colleges of materials science and engineering, electronic information and engineering, environmental science and engineering, instrument science and engineering, college of science, economics and management;

Cultivate high-quality applied research talents with international vision, innovative spirit, management ability, and family and national feelings; it is planned to set up the Fuyao Scholarship and Education Fund to exempt tuition fees and provide scholarship support for poor students.

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